Can I Taste It Forever?

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“The same way you get yourself into a situation, is the same way you get yourself out of it.” –unknown Nolan and Juanesia were in too deep, and facing some extreme consequences for their actions– but Nolan was determined to figure a way out, only if Juanesia would also accept his plan and trust him to lead as her husband. Packed with sizzling romantic scenes with mind-twisting imagery and metaphors unlike anything you’ve seen organized on paper. Under the surface of the hottest scenes of pleasure ever written, underlies a tear-jerking coming of age love story. The pressure-packed steam room of a finale, with the surprisingly twisted answer to the question that everyone has been awaiting the answer to… Can I Taste It Forever?

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160 reviews for Can I Taste It Forever?

  1. Erika Harris

    This book was very well put together from start to finish of course i had already read 1&2 I just knew there would be a 3, of course I’m truly heart broken that Nolan & Nesia died, i didnt see that coming but glad little Nikyn, was alive. Ava going take real care of her. David weaver I must say you have a real gift your novels, I can say are spot on. Of course, I cried my eyes out in some parts. But overall I choose that rating because the highest rating to hive is a 5, if u could give higher I would. Now, I know i must read Patron on Ice! For sure

  2. Kindle Customer

    Where do I begin? A real page turner!!! Keep up the great work! If you are looking for an interesting saga, this is for you!

  3. Kindle Customer

    I wish I could’ve rated this more than 5 stars…I cried…I know I’m late but everyone needs to have a copy of this series.

  4. Kindle Customer

    No it didn’t end like that…I was waiting for a happy ending. 🙁. It had been so long since I read book 1&2 book 3&4 I pushed thru but they turned out good.

  5. Samantha

    Enjoyed this heart wrenching tail of Love, Lovers, Life and the many tastes of bitter sweetness accompanying it. Thank you David for a great series.

  6. Ms Ann

    This was a wonderful read. Everything came together. I did not like what Devin became when he was back on top. I didn’t like the ending either. I will let the reader find out on their own. I liked Devon and Ashlon together. Like was a user UT she did mature and grow up. After what her father said and did to her, I understand. I was glad that Banny arranged to have Devin father released yet a second time. I would have loved to know what Banny left for OG in that folder. In life, we have issues and some have to deal with depression but we have therapists who are paid to help you get through this time. Devin was on a disturbing path.Self esteem was also low. Trust in the Lord and lean not on the own understanding. In all they ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. It appears that Devin never learned how to take his problems to God and leave it there. I ave read all of the books in this series and the author did a good job.

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  7. Shontay R.

    Hello Mr. Weaver, how are you? Just wanted to say thanks for your gift of writing, the way you bring these stories together is amazing to me. Thanks for your transparency as well. Can’t tell you how much it truly means to me.

  8. Nique

    Best book Series I’ve read in a while ! A must read the details the action the twists and turns make it worth it

  9. Francina

    I enjoyed this book. The writer kept it interesting. Ken got what he deserved. Glad Ava stood her ground. Broke my heart to lose Nolan and his wife.

  10. m.lemon

    Well sir author i purchased all 3 books together (thank god) you are truly talented. You made me feel like i was Nolans Client every time he had to “perform” i felt every single thing these clients did. Lord have mercy i was digging for more dammit. I need NOLAN!

  11. Kindle Customer

    I don’t want to give away the ending, because I hate when I read a review and the ending is in the review. But I can say this, I never expected any of what happened in part three. Nolan is one of those unforgettable characters. The imagery is so good, that you might make a phone call if you don’t have someone at home! Thank you for continuing Nolan’s story.

  12. LadybugLoves2Read

    I am speechless and moved to tears by the ending of this story. I found myself equally moved by the author’s ending note. This story is good to the last drop.Love happens in the most unexpected ways and this story was a reminder of that. Embrace it, bask it, and enjoy it to the last drop so that you can taste it forever!

  13. Kindle Customer

    Your an amazing author the endings have messed my head up i was not expecting it to end this way

  14. Sinfunni

    The author could have done so much more with a little more effort instead he gave a ridiculous plot. Really your aunt has news about a competitor that you never trusted who burned you and you don’t listen to gather all the information that you could? Your aunt happens to know the mother of the said competitor. SMHYour decade older, unemployed, overweight, abusive husband constantly degrades and belittles you, doesn’t satisfy you sexually or otherwise whom you want to divorce, tells you he is divorcing you, so you try to stop him from leaving you? SMHEach story in this trilogy piles on the disappointment. No HEA here.

  15. Lele

    The finale was a good read. Don’t want to give spoilers but I definitely understood all the characters at the end.

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  16. Amazon Customer

    Wow! That’s all I got! This story turned out to be way more than I ever expected. Please keep writing!

  17. Savvy Deal Huntress

    Wow! The title of this work of art is what first caught my eye, sparked my curiosity. “Can I Taste It Forever” is a story masterfully woven to draw you in and make you ponder the possibilities of “tasting” … the natural, sexual, spiritual essence of a woman or man; the essence of love, the essence of life. I could not put it down. I felt every action and emotion of each character in my gut. I can’t wait to find my “Nolan” and I can’t wait to read more of Mr. Weaver’s works.

  18. Nylee

    Everything about all 3 books was EV-ERY-THINGGGG!! I loved it. The love, Love making, && the pain all spoke to me. It’s in those dark times that you are able to look up and see the light. I’m glad that you were able to overcome your personal pain && for it to brighten you in this way. Keep it up. What’s meant for you is meant for you right? LET YOUR TALENT SHINE ! Thank you for the good reads. Off to your other books i go lol

  19. stone king

    Very good book series page Turner makes you want to step up your game, and also appreciate the little things in life, and no matter how it looks keep the faith

  20. Kindle Customer

    I could not put this series down. I read it nonstop. Definitely a page turner. Very erotic and a love story all in one !

  21. Amazon Customer

    Even though there were some misspelled words in all three books, I enjoyed the storyline. Read the series in one day. It’s hard to put down once you start reading. Looking forward to reading more of this Author’s work.

  22. Danielle Payne

    Excellent book series. I felt the passion and real love through the pages. This book is definitely a must read.

  23. Kindle Customer

    This book had me mad, sad, crying, and laughing. The author keeps you in suspense at every page you turn. I love this book and will tell anyone to read all three books you will never regret this read. That is keeping it 💯.

  24. Kindle Customer

    Awesome and enlightening I wish they were back to back but worth the wait. I could always jump right in.

  25. Amazon Customer

    I loved this book.

  26. Jasminelee179

    This story left me totally speechless and tears in my eyes at the same time. I will definitely look out for more books from this author.

  27. trulyblessedsteph

    Excellent read it was fast paced and kept me entertained, I look forward to reading more books by David Weaver. I thank you for sharing your creativity with the world.

  28. Amazon Customer

    Such a great read…So erotic…The story is wrote so well you can almost visualize what’s happening at the moment…Great Read

  29. Amazon Customer

    Book was excellent. The entire series was like a long passionate poem and I loved every line of it. My feelings were kind of hurt in the end I won’t lie, but that’s expected. I’m really hoping that maybe we can get another short sequel about the baby and the lawyer just so my heart isn’t out here dangling on a string anymore haha. Nevertheless, great series. Keep writing.

  30. F. M. Richardson

    I loved this series and the last one left me in tears. I definitely did not see that ending coming. Great job Mr. Weaver.

  31. Kinetta Holley

    The ending, though…You really had me caught up in this series. Who would have ever thought it would be this awesome. I am truly speechless!!!

  32. Cassandra Monroe

    This was a great read and a pure pleasure to imagine. Read and take notes, enjoy your partner. Damn good book

  33. Lele

    The finale was a good read. Don’t want to give spoilers but I definitely understood all the characters at the end.

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  34. CustomerJean

    Let me tell you something, as an author honey you have Zane beat. I have never read a book of erotica that made me feel like I was right there sharing there experiences with them.. Ad a couple they stood by one another, and they died together. I have laughed, cryed. And went through all of these characters emotions. Even aunty. , having to deal with her crazy son. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more of your work. M. Traylor

  35. Stacey

    I enjoyed every book and squeals. I hope there is more to come. I am looking forward to more books by, zane.

  36. Kindle Customer

    This book was good, i enjoy it

  37. Rae Jackson

    The book was rushed mess and the story line made no sense whatsoever . The author tried so hard to force a connection between the characters and to create twists and turns that I got tired of reading the book almost immediately. The sex scenes were drawn out and overly detailed .

  38. Regina Dunlap

    I have read all book 1, 2 and 3. So I had to read 4. Very good read. I loved it

  39. TINA

    It was good read dam sure was not expecting it to end that way dam ken and George wow crazy as hell but ken got what he deserve in the end

  40. none

    The book was great. Your words at the end were greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. Look forward to reading more of your work.

  41. Jazz

    I love it

  42. njs

    Really enjoyed this book had me on edge the whole time. Also i thought valerie and nolan would make it but that didn’t happen.

  43. Melanie

    I read all three books in about three hours. It was a page Turner! I didn’t understand the ending until I read the author’s note at the end. Great read.

  44. LADY JAE

    What a deep ending to a great story. I hate to see him go but I think it was time now the part with the girl I don’t understand that. I guess it’s real love.

  45. Kindle Customer

    This book provided so much excitement, pain , love , and thrill. It captures the attention of the reader …and delivers well. Loved it.

  46. Alexis

    I really enjoyed all three of the books. I like the way the plot turned around. I liked the end that was very unexpected. Needs a bit more proof reading. But over all a very good read.

  47. Judith Sims

    This finale touched my heart in such a way that it kept me in tears because I know the affects of alcohol and drug addiction, I was really rooting for him and hoping he would make it, but in the end, he found the love he was looking for. Amazing and exceptional story!!!

    One person found this helpful
  48. BMJ SweetSylviaJ

    It was a eye opening experience,I was not really gonna read this book but. But my curiosity got the best of me.All & all I was taken for a ride on the way things turned in this book.I was captured by the characters in this book.And was sad about how things took a turn for the worst.This was a good read after all.#It’s All Good! #ILoveItBMJ SweetSylviaJ

    4 people found this helpful
  49. shalitha wiggins

    Intriguing, I like the message portrayed. It started one way and ended on a different note. Very well written book.

  50. Jennifer

    Great read!

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