Can I Taste It Forever?

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“The same way you get yourself into a situation, is the same way you get yourself out of it.” –unknown Nolan and Juanesia were in too deep, and facing some extreme consequences for their actions– but Nolan was determined to figure a way out, only if Juanesia would also accept his plan and trust him to lead as her husband. Packed with sizzling romantic scenes with mind-twisting imagery and metaphors unlike anything you’ve seen organized on paper. Under the surface of the hottest scenes of pleasure ever written, underlies a tear-jerking coming of age love story. The pressure-packed steam room of a finale, with the surprisingly twisted answer to the question that everyone has been awaiting the answer to… Can I Taste It Forever?

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160 reviews for Can I Taste It Forever?

  1. Dewauyn Thompson

    I loved it was smoking hot 🔥🔥🔥 rating

  2. Ruby

    I love how Patron kept the faith and knew that Ice was going to be his. Ice, knew that she wanted Patron as well, but both of them were afraid to share their feelings. Ice were looking at the outer man, because he weren’t dressed in the finest clothes. The author kept it real when he put in his book the part of how Jose’ and Patron was railroaded by the Justice System.

  3. Tye

    Absolutely a good read. I stayed glued and connected. I definitely appreciated that there was a story attached to the erotica. Great job

  4. Tamra Simmons

    This book is filled with twists and turns and has sexiness and true love written all over it. Best series hands down. Congrats Mr.Weaver. Beautifully written.

  5. Pen Name

    I loved the combination of all 3 parts, but I didn’t expect that ending!!! I’m so hurt u ended it like that. Overall the book was good.

  6. DeAuna Moorer

    This was great. I couldn’t put it down for nothing. I’m sorry for your loss and I do pray you continue using writing to express yourself and feelings.

  7. Kindle Customer

    I read all three books in the series because I could stop!!! Wonder story and a surprise ending. We want more!!!

  8. Tee J.

    The entire series was beyond brilliant. I need more. That’s all I will say because I don’t want to say too much. This is a must read.

  9. Tedra K

    The series was ok overall. Very descriptive and it painted everything very well. Could’ve been more to the plot and I didn’t care for the ending.

  10. jp

    I waited so long for this book only to be disappointed, first off can I taste it forever didn’t start till more than half way through the book, the sex scenes are too long and drawn out I had to skip pages because they were so long, the ending could have had more to it I predicted the end he could have let Ava mess with the prosecutors for a bit, how do dillia and George end of together? just a big disappointment for me, for as long as I waited for the book.

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  11. Rae Alex

    I loved it!

  12. JustBootsie

    Interesting plot but replete with way too much sex! I got the picture after chapter 1! Hence the 3 stars that should’ve really been 2!

  13. Daniela

    This is my first time reading this author’s work and i am definitely not disappointed! Excellent read .. Definitely didnt see that ending coming but the series is great!

  14. Jasmine Harris

    Wow, what a read. I was really surprised at the ending but the in betweens…..wowwwwww. I’m almost sure that every woman that has read this book could feel or imagine Nolan doing those over the top things that he seemed so great at. At least I did. UmmmmThat Ken was crazy as hell but having greed for money will do that to you, I was just outdone when it came to his mother. I love that Nolan and Juaneisha got it together and were ride and die for one another. I wanted George to get it for treating Valerie so bad and Ava turned out to be a great support after she got turned upside down. So glad that she stepped in to be the godmother to her friends and lovers baby.

    3 people found this helpful
  15. Eve Lewis

    Completely amazing! I am glad there were several parts so I could keep on reading! This books had all kinds of levels to it.

  16. Quintina

    This series was sooo intense such a page turner, heart pounding electifying it made me put the phone down from reading just to imaging is the author really nolan???? Jist a thought lol very erotic intense

  17. Shyanne

    This is an outstanding series, I haven’t put the kindle down since I started reading it. Just wish the story could have went on but this is an overall great story looking forward to reading more by this author.

  18. Toya

    I love your work…… But why kill most of the characters off in the book? I know never question the author,but I just had to.

  19. Amazon Customer

    Omg Nolan Nolan Nolan I love him this book was fire definitely worth the wait and a must read 💪🏽

  20. Nesh

    I have read thousands of books in my lifetime but not many will stand out the way these books did. This book opens your eyes to see the full perspective of many families trauma. Instead of cycles being broken, the cycle continues with each generation. Broke people break people. People who swallow pain and sorrow while preventing the next generation to taste it are the curse breakers. Don’t be so quick to judge people as you don’t know what happened to make them who they are. God really had a hand in this book as you feel all the emotions from these characters. We all know someone who have personally dealt with these issues and more. It’s also a reminder we are not here to stay so get yourself in order. Love does not die, forget you, leave you or intentionally hurt you. People make mistakes. We should be learning from those mistake to prevent us from making them again. Don’t hold a grudge to people who did the best they could with the information that was provided. Instead learn how to get more information and break the cycle… I would definitely recommend these books 😊

  21. Amazon Customer

    It felt rushed.

  22. daphnestylingup……

    This book is a cant even go shower I didn’t move out my bed till I was done now I’m looking for everything he wrote honey he got me hooked

  23. Kindle Customer

    The more I read The Broken Crayons books the more I take a look at myself. These books were so powerful and thankful I was able to read every book page and word. Mr. Weaver your name and books speak for themselves thank you. My God continue to bless your life and hands.

  24. Joy Jones

    Amazing book!!!!!Look forward to reading more from this author. Although you took time away from writing you came back stronger!!!

  25. Bernice G.

    Eventhough this couple were in the sex industry they still understood what it meant to love unconditionally. The end was a shocker!!

  26. Kimberly McDuffie

    I read the whole series in 2 hours!! I fell in love with Nolan! Praying that there is a man like Nolan out there for me!!!

  27. R Ellis Jones

    I usually don’t read these kind of books , but I was curious about it so I read all three books. It was erotic and the characters were something else. I did not care for the ending though. I know life happens, but the ending could’ve been happier seeing as Nolan went through some hardship no thanks to Men and George. The surprise was the hook up with George and old girl. Other than that, I enjoyed the series.

  28. Lorretta Spann

    So I guess I’m late to the game because I’m an avid reader and I’m just coming across your body of work. I read the complete series back to back. Definitely a page turner!!! The elegance of sensuality is laced all through these pages. Most male writers don’t capture that without coming across raunchy. I actually had to take a few moments to myself ( if you catch my drift). I’m downloading the next book immediately!! Continue to write and grace ya with your words. The alpha male not afraid to show emotion…

  29. Lala

    This series was amazing, has so many mixed feelings and emotions. I felt as if I had been with them entire journey and I thank you for that.

  30. Tina

    This book keeps you turning pages wanting to see what will happen next. David Weaver is an awesome writer! All three are worth every minute.

  31. DenMic

    Nolan Had Me Feeling All Type Of Ways!!! I Just Don’t Know What To Say About That Man Tongue Game!! I Mean David W. I’m Speechless Over Here… Awesome Read Once I Finally Started I Couldn’t Seem To Put It Down!!! Thanks For That Adventure

  32. London

    This was a great read.I loved this story from beginning to end. Very sad about the ending but I won’t spoil it for y’all.Simply a great read looking forward to more from this author.

  33. Rhonda Romance

    The author was able to touch on some deep subjects, myths, concerns of the black community. This finale is so jam packed with information it would take several discussion groups to get thru it. One could teach a whole semester course on this book. I wonder if this is a finale on this family or just Devin. There are at least 4 characters to build a new series from. We shall see. Interesting finish all the way to the last sentence!

  34. Savannah W.

    The character Devin reminds me so much of my close, dear friend who’s experiencing so many of the same hardships. One thing I learned is that no matter what a person is going thru, never stop loving them. Even when that seems impossible to do. You giving up on them or not loving them could mean the end of existance for them, just as Devin.


    An excellent read

  36. Shekia J.

    Whoo! Straight fire!

  37. Lucania

    Loved the read and very juicy lol. I didnt like the ending very much was sad and wish they could have at least got their happy ending. But not all stories end happy. Great read.

  38. Savannah W.

    The character Devin reminds me so much of my close, dear friend who’s experiencing so many of the same hardships. One thing I learned is that no matter what a person is going thru, never stop loving them. Even when that seems impossible to do. You giving up on them or not loving them could mean the end of existance for them, just as Devin.

  39. D’Lavia

    Literally reread books 1 and 2 twice and then turned around and read books all 3 books in 3 days. I didn’t like the ending but it was still a good read

  40. 772fishingdiva

    What happened to happily ever after. Did not see that coming. Loved reading these. You are an amazing writer. Keep it up.

  41. ganell britton

    The series was okay I will give the book 2stars . Juaniesa and her husband should’ve been killed out of the book. It was a sad ending. After all they had been through it should have been a happy ending.

    One person found this helpful
  42. Sunderland, My

    I couldn’t put this book down! Once I started I couldn’t stop because there were so many surprises and it was written so creatively. I would love to see this as a movie! WELL DONE DAVID WEAVER! I found a new favorite author. I am now a fan! Thank you for sharing in your author notes!

  43. Queen Kee

    It’s a great read! Would definitely recommend to anyone!!! My second time reading and it’s still a great book to read!

  44. Amazon Customer

    The book was a great read and very detailed. Erotic books usually leave me disappointed but this one didn’t…looking forward to more like this!

  45. Tiffani W

    Didn’t like how half the book was the first 2 books. What was the point in making 3 separate books and then lumping them in one. Overall tho, it was really good.

  46. Zee

    Finally got a chance to finish this book because it was too 🔥🔥🔥!!! Sex scenes had me having to call my Bae for some relief. This book was well worth the wait.💯

  47. Amazon Customer

    Amazing read! I’m so glad that instagram suggested this series to read. With each turn of the page I was excited for the next!

  48. Ann Love Words

    Reading this book open my eyes about life we never know what someone else suffering from or what they need to survive so judging and put yourself in there shoes see how far you get in life we all suffering from something great ending

    One person found this helpful
  49. Amazon Customer

    I enjoyed The series The author definitely paints a vivid picture in you mind while reading but I wanted a little more storyline.The ending was 💣

  50. Anitria Lewis

    I loved everything about this book. It was a great read just like the rest of them. Can’t get enough of reading this author’s books.

    One person found this helpful

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