Can I Taste It Forever?

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“The same way you get yourself into a situation, is the same way you get yourself out of it.” –unknown Nolan and Juanesia were in too deep, and facing some extreme consequences for their actions– but Nolan was determined to figure a way out, only if Juanesia would also accept his plan and trust him to lead as her husband. Packed with sizzling romantic scenes with mind-twisting imagery and metaphors unlike anything you’ve seen organized on paper. Under the surface of the hottest scenes of pleasure ever written, underlies a tear-jerking coming of age love story. The pressure-packed steam room of a finale, with the surprisingly twisted answer to the question that everyone has been awaiting the answer to… Can I Taste It Forever?

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160 reviews for Can I Taste It Forever?

  1. scottie mouton

    I loved everything about the book, I would of liked to read they didn’t die. I love all your books

  2. Lillie McBride

    This is overall a really great book. It draws you in and it doesn’t let you go. There are a ton of twist and turns, but that’s what made it such a great read. You expect one thing to happen and then another thing happens…. well that is until the end of this gosh darn book. Gosh darn it! I’m so… I’m just… ugh.Great read!

  3. Gladys Page

    After reading these books, I am in AWE!!!! I didn’t ever see the twist that transpired in them! I was up until 1:00-2:00 reading and all I can say in conclusion is WOWWWW!!! 👏👏👏👏 DEFINITELY amust read👍👍💯💯

  4. Msladypoet

    This was a great read. I loved reading about Nolan and Juanesia’s sexcapades. I was sorry that they had to die in the end. David Weaver is a great author.

  5. Dee

    Loved it…erotica at its finest along with humor to boot. Very enjoyable read. Totally enjoyed his style of writing as it kept me engaged and curious.

  6. Charlotte

    What a finale. This series was absolutely amazing. David Weaver’s self transparency was a lot to take in and was very emotional to me. Addiction and depression is definitely real and I pray that he is able to heal. The book was very well written and very open. He was able to share some of the problems that one incurs as an entertainer and public figure. I am really looking forward to reading more from this author.

  7. Sherise

    This series was very good with a very sad ending. I am hooked on David Weaver’s writing. I can’t wait to read more of them

  8. Donald/Latisha W.

    Good read…I skimmed through a lot of pages because each sex section just went on and on and on…Now I appreciate sex scenes but think it got a little carried away at times…I hate the ending because Nolan and Jaunesia just was talking about going to church; putting God back into their lives and tragedy strikes…I wish they could have made it because George wasn’t squeaky clean and he made it out alive with money. Just not liking that at all…and I think Valeria deserved a second chance at life and happiness, but these are just my opinions…Aveel turned out to be a nice person who keeps her word…wish we knew how the lawsuit ended. And I see the apple don’t fall far from the tree with Ken and his mom…Mr. Weaver I’m sorry for your loss and pray that God continue to give u strength…seek God when it seems like it’s too much to bare and God will see u thru anything…Stay Blessed

  9. My-Asia

    This book was great! I really enjoyed this novel and it was very suspenseful! I look forward to reading more like it in the near future!

  10. Amazon Customer

    im glad i spent my evening reading this . i was hooked frm start to finish. def mke the purchase, you wont be disappointed.

  11. Shondra Hicks

    This book was captivating from beginning to end! I would have never expected the many twists and turns that kept me wanting more. It is very detailed with every love scene making you feel as if you’re right there with them and very exciting with the unexpected events! Great Read!

  12. Mimi

    From beginning to end it had me like wow! Couldn’t stop reading and didn’t expect it to end that way! GREAT BOOK!

  13. Phyllis Gibson

    Love you’re family you’re brother you’re sister like it’s your last day on earth that is so true this book will have you in tears at the end

  14. S

    We all have a Devin in us, even if we’ve been denouncing him. I thank the author for taking us on this journey, for pointing out some hard truths, and for sharing himself through his work. Mr. Weaver, you are truly talented and I pray that God continues to cover you with his blessing.

  15. Davida Taylor

    I loved the book. It was a page turner from beginning to end. Great book. Awesome book. Very emotion filled.

  16. AJC

    Amazing. I was needing to pull myself out of a depressed state,and this book did it for me. Love my time read your words. Look forward to part 2.

  17. MissD

    I’m mainly writing this review to tell the author I’m sorry about his/your grandmother!!! The book was very erotic but took on a more serious tone towards the end which I didn’t expect. I’m glad I went on to read the authors notes.

  18. Kindle Customer

    That Ken was something else! All 3 books kept me on the edge of my seat, and wasn’t expecting part 3’s ending. That authors note touched my soul and glad that you found the strength to write again. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

  19. Ms.nay

    I love this series. I’m sad how it ended. Just when their on the right track and things are looking up. Great work though

  20. Kindle Customer

    I really enjoyed reading the complete series. During this time of being inside I have picked up on reading again. I encourage you to keep writing ✍ you could change someone’s outlook at things that take place in everyday life.

  21. Dee

    I really only enjoyed the sexy scenes. I felt like the book spun out of control. Very extra with way too many metaphors. I felt like the book could’ve ended much sooner.

  22. Amazon Customer

    I truly loved this book. The novels kept me interested. I couldn’t put my phone down even at work. Lol! I will definitely be reading more of his novels. I love his writing. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  23. Kindle Customer

    This book had a twist i didnt see coming but over all the book was pimp by your pen to a point i didnt know the book could turn out like it did. I just want to you to know dont never put that pen down and never stop using stories to communicate. Love your books and style that twist was something serious

  24. Joy

    My, My I guess I just have to put David Weaver on my awesome storyteller list. This is a trilogy about two high paid escorts, Nolan and Juanesia. This their love story and it’s very romantic. The first book was extremely exotic and had me blushing about reading something so X-Rated. The second book was filled with action and adventure. The third book was Cliff Hanger after Cliff Hanger. OMG! All three books were filled orgasm after orgasm. This book is not meant for anyone with sexual hangups. But, all three are really good novels and together make real sweet Love Story.

  25. Kindle Customer

    I chose five stars because it is worth it and some. The storyline was good and flowed. It really had some twists to occur but I never seen the ending to be like it was. It’s something how people can come into your life and you think for ulterior motives but turns out they were God sent.

  26. Inghram Johnson

    I loved all three stories…they had me reading and not wanting to put it down. I look forward to the next book.

  27. Roberta F. Lenoir

    This or should I say these books were very interesting. They had everything, mystery, eroticism, intrigue ,life challenges, love and a very unexpected ending. Boy, it really kept me on the end of my seat till the end.Buy and read these books. Life messages throughout.

  28. Sadiya J. Bilal

    I wasn’t expecting the series to be this good, but it was. I couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait to read more from David Weaver.

  29. Kindle Customer

    This is what comes to mind. A powerful story…the whole series. There are so many tools that can be learned from these characters.

  30. Kindle Customer

    Awesome and enlightening I wish they were back to back but worth the wait. I could always jump right in.

  31. Kimberly

    I choose my rating because I felt some type of way,with the author killing the main two characters off 😁. But it was a good ending to a long awaited book! Kudos to the author for coming back the way he did.

  32. Kry$tle

    I tried to force myself to read this book. It just wasn’t holding my attention. I ended up scheming the book to finish it just to see how everything unfolded.

  33. Samantha L.

    I will be telling my colleague to read this series. I went to visit family and saw the first book. It was so good I couldn’t put it down. It has unexpected twists and turns and I couldn’t believe the ending.

  34. Danielle M.

    I loved it couldn’t stop until I finished. And the authors note at the end I hope all is well with you keep writing I think its food for your soul.

  35. Mesa S.

    I found this book by accident but it had me glued from beginning to end! I absolutely loved it! Definitely one of my favorites!!!!!

  36. Katrice Clark

    I have read all four book now, and can say that this has been the best series I’ve ever read. Mr. Weaver is an amazing writer, and the story is very touching! The end was……I’ll just say it was a tear jerker.

  37. NitaTheBBW

    This was a wild ride you out did yourself with this , I could not stop reading and the ending …..

  38. Loretta from SC

    Kept me intrigued never a dull moment . Didn’t see the ending cooking. Will read more of this writer’s books.

  39. jamelia

    Author did his damn thing. The ending surprised me as well. Looking forward to his other books. Definitely recommend !

  40. Kindle Customer

    The first two of were ok, but I really enjoyed the 3rd one.I was not prepared for the end.I was not ready for that! Dellia and George shocked me and I thought she was older than 46. All in all a good read!

  41. jackie

    Loved the way you ended this series, sad but in life there is always good and bad times, thanks for the journey. Stay blessed my brother.

  42. JoellGermany

    The only thing I dislike is what happen toQ mack at the end..but I knew it I really enjoy reading all of broken crayon book 1-4…..I wish David Weaver would do something after book 4

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  43. stefni tha beast reader

    Nolan was trying to put his life with Juanesia. She was playing two ends against the middle. Ken a sleazy escort with Nolan decided to orchestrate a few lives to get what he wants. No,an goes on a visit to a housewife for Ken and it ends up being an old high school friend Valarie. As Nolan does what he does, they are busted by Valarie’s husband George. Valarie does the unthinkable to protect herself and then Nolan lands in jail. I love how the author entwines few people lives to understand the depths snakes will go through. Ava an attorney who helps Nolan and then does not want to advises she will help Nolan and Juanesia only if they settle her curiosity. Life is crazy and Nolan finally marries the woman he loves, Valarie, Ken and others will pay for what they have done to othersa d Ava finds two people she never thought she could love and their child! Take care of Nikylyn!!!

  44. Kindle Customer

    I’ve read all 3 books and they each were better than the first. I laughed and cried reading these. Couldn’t put it down.

  45. Lovely

    This book series started off really hot and heavy, but then it formed into a real page turner. I definitely didn’t expect to be crying at the end of this series. I wanted to put my Kindle down and slow clap once I finished it and read David’s testimony. Thank you for the great words of encouragement and being so candid and opening up about the pain going on in your real life. I hope peace continues to grow in you Mr. Weaver. Thank you for an amazing roller coaster.

  46. Ms. A

    This book went in at oral different directions than the others. The whys behind the what’s were revealed about the characters downfalls, upcoming and pain. Ending was surprise

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  47. Nada_Cherry bomb

    What a sad and horrific ending this last book presented. Yet, I enjoyed each book in the Broken Crayons Still Color series. Very good stories.3/25/2022.

  48. Vela

    A page turner for sure and I don’t read this genre. But once I picked it up was so hard to put it down. Keep up the good work.

  49. Samon Dorton

    I really enjoyed the 3-part series. I had to keep reading the books to know what was going to happen next!

  50. Loretta Smith

    This was such a lovely story. The characters were real and true to themselves and to each other. This book had everything you could want in it. Love is always the key and should always be unconditional. I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever been in love and anyone who has confused lust with love. They are so different.

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