Broken Crayons Still Color

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Multi-platinum rapper Devin has it all. Money, cars, fame, women— he’s living the life of a rockstar. As with anything in life, all good things come to the end of its cycle, and God takes you off of a path so that you can begin anew. Devin stops getting booked for shows, and it causes a ripple effect on his life. Now unable to take care of his family, he turns to heavy drug use to take his mind off of the pain. When the money stops flowing, all of the love that he thought was genuine, doesn’t exist at all. Scandal after scandal surfaces on all of the major blog sites, allegations and rumors, liens from the IRS, and now rumors of his ties to murder-for-hire plots has him mentally defeated. It’s just him against the world until he meets and helps Ashlon when she too was down and out. A good girl with problems of her own, Ashlon understands him in a way that nobody else cares to. She vows to do all she can to help him the same way that he helped her when nobody else would. The question is… can Devin escape his spiraling rollercoaster of drug and alcohol addiction enough to help himself? Can he defeat his demons and pull back to reality long enough to accept help? Or will the devil continue to break and take him under? Certified tear-jerker based on a true story.

This is a story of addiction and redemption, of overcoming some of life’s most overwhelming obstacles with the help of God and his most qualified angels.

–An intimate portrait of a boy becoming a man right before your very eyes. Author David Weaver pens a riveting drama that is sure to become a staple in your African American romance and biography collection.

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2051 reviews for Broken Crayons Still Color

  1. Tee

    This is a great book that reminds us how important it is to keep our focus on God. It’s hood, it’s real, it’s exciting and it’s insightful. Blessings to the author.

  2. Amazon Customer

    The truth about addiction and how god and faith was kept an important part of this story/I don’t know of lease

  3. rekesiah cleveland

    This book was really deep, it held my interest from beginning to end. It took me on an emotional roller coaster but the ending was everthing.

  4. RoyalTee S.

    I’m literally speechless! David Weaver you are a blessing! My prayers to you! This is truly a must read!! Everyone have trials and tribulations but how you choose to overcome is between you and god only and this book proves it!

  5. Tami

    I chose a high rating because this book was written from real experience. Truth be told we all need to look to our Lord, believe and pray.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Absolutely loved this book from beginning to end. Kudos to the author for an awesome read….addiction is real and he made every character seem as though they were people you could relate to them. God is all in this book giving very powerful messages.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Pam Pam Kearse Bonilla

    This book had me in tears a lot. I felt sorry for Devin. When I got to the end and read about the author and found out it was about you I really felt bad. I am keeping you in my prayer. My God bless you always

  8. Klassy1

    I kept hearing about this book and I had not read since the year began. I am glad I chose to read this book to get back to doing g what I love to do. I was so caught up in the story that I forgot it was based on a true story. In life we all deal with some sort of depression, addiction, sadness and anger. What I loved the most is how faith was intertwined at their darkest hours. Ashlon never lost her faith and knew God will make a way. Devin although he felt God abandoned him he understood that God helped him through. The scene where he dropped the phone and prayed!!! My goodness! We all fall short, but never give up and always keep God first. Sometimes He makes us fall hard so we can seek him.

  9. Shannon P.

    This is the best book I have read in a long time. It was uplifting and I needed the message that it provided. This is the first book I have read from this author and now he has a fan for life. Great Job! Can’t wait for part 2!

  10. Yan

    Definitely didn’t know that this was an urban erotica. If you’re into that, this is the book for you!

  11. Mary E. Goodwin Freeling

    I bought this book because you wrote it. I very seldom buy books with less than 200 pages because I want to get the most bang for my buck. However, I’ve reading your stuff for years so when I saw this book and its title, I bought immediately. This book is the best one yet simply because of message within.THANK YOU! I’ve been a drug addict but God is so good. But you’ve hit to trust him!

  12. ReadinR

    The title drew me in and the story held me captive. I don’t get a lot of time to sit down and read, but I found myself squeezing in the time in line at the grocery store or while at the park with my kids. I didn’t give it five stars because it was predictable, but it was well written and I was touched by the accuracy/rung of truth to the real life situations.

  13. Kindle Customer

    I really enjoyed this read. Its a 2 part series. The characters feel like family. You want so much to help and guide them. A must read opens your eyes to alor of things. Looking firwa4d to book 2.

  14. Kindle Customer

    I swear this was by far one of the be sad t books I ever read!! As far as words old or you my dear brother . Keep praying believing and trusting God. Ask home for strength and wisdom . I feel your break through coming soon. I had taken a break from reading because I was busy studying for school. But I found it quite ironic that as soon as I opened my kindle back up to select a book, this was one of the first ones to pop up and I couldn’t resist!! You are blessed with a gift, continue filling your void with these great reads. And may God continue to guide and wraps his arms around you for protection in Jesus name I pray

  15. I_amYat

    This was a very heartfelt book. If you have faith & believe in God & pray everything is going too be OK.

  16. Kindle Customer1

    This book is so awesome and uplifting. People really have to depend on God in this life. He makes a way out of no way but all things are possible with God. This book just reminds you to keep going and God will help you on his timing.

  17. lddwt bkny

    The book is great, I was interested as soon as I started reading. Finished in one day. The only thing I did not like were the misspelled words or the wrong words used in a sentence. Other than that I enjoyed reading. I already ordered part 2. Waiting for it to arrive

  18. Decosha Chandler

    This is an amazing book! I downloaded it due to several great reviews from previous readers. I know that this book will touch many who choose to read it. Great job David Weaver.

  19. Amazon Customer

    Very disappointed in this book. Lacked substance and was not proofed for spelling and grammatical errors. It’s not even worth the money I have to put out to return it… sigh.

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  20. mburton7179

    I read the story on Devin and never thought that I could relate. Man o man was I so wrong. David Weaver it’s been a minute since I read any of your stories. I took an hiatus from reading. I look you up and was going to read this book for so long. I have put it on the back burner. This book was very good I did alot of screenshots of the prayers. But what got me was the Author notes. For you to tell your truth that is bold as hex. I too battle with depression. You rock for telling your story.

  21. Kindle Customer

    Thank you so much for this eye wakener! I enjoyed the book from beginning to end. I too is battling depression, sadness and anger. As well as being lost at times. I’m very bless and grateful to come across your book. After reading it gave me hope and inspirational! So much wisdom, knowledge and inspiring moments. I have and would tell more of my family/friends/anybody who needs an uplifter to read this book! I’m beyond bless and grateful to have read it. Thank you so much and continue to inspire others through your story! Your a blessing and I wish nothing but happiness and blessings coming your way! Dont give up continue doing GOD’S work/words to the next! Again thank you so much! May GOD bless you

  22. Bookends

    I couldn’t put this book down and read it in one sitting. I only write reviews if I am truly impressed by a purchase or deeply disappointed by a purchase and feel the need to vent. I was so moved by the character of Devin even when the ugliness of those around him showed their true colors. I was stunned into silence to read the author’s honest and raw real story. He didn’t have to share that part of his life. He could have just let us believe this was just another book of fiction. It took courage and a genuine desire to help others who are dealing with addiction, when he himself have not yet reached the rainbow. Mr. Weaver, please continue pushing on, the Lord didn’t bring you this far to leave you. Millions of folks are rooting for you. God bless and cover you, always.

  23. valerie

    This was a very good and interesting book from the beginning to the end. Being depressed myself about some issues that’s going on in my life the book help me forget about my depression for a couple of minutes and it made me feel like there is some type of Hope or maybe you know getting back into church and doing something other than just whirling around in my sorrows. Hang in there David, you have a bright future ahead of you.

  24. Morena Azucar

    This book held my attention from the beginning to Ruhr end it is a very awe inspiring story of overcoming the demons of life. A great quick and easy read. Looking forward to reading Part 2.

  25. Nikki Johnson

    Good book with a relatable storyline. How amazing is it that the power of love, faith and forgiveness, will pull you up from the darkest times.

  26. Sha’Rhonda

    This book was not only a page turner but it hit on areas in my own life. The prayers that’s strategically placed throughout the book left me saying and “Amen” on my own lips as well as “Me Too God”. The more I read the more I thought to myself, finally someone else understands where I am at this present time and then I get to the back of the book and see how vulnerable the author is being and I went to look him up right away to let him know he wasn’t the only one. What a powerful read! Get the book I give you my honest opinion that you will NOT be disappointed!

  27. CoCo

    This story was so relatable to me and others I know in so many levels! Not having my mom or dad raise me due to crime, alcohol, and drugs I too had to find inner strength to want to do better for my kids. I’m still learning how to navigate through depression and because I’ve lost so many males in my family to alcohol and drugs o try my best not to turn to it! Writing is a great outlet and it brings out emotions that we bottle inside. Keep it up you’ve inspired me to start back writing and to strive to better myself so that I can continue to be better for my family! You’re in my prayers ❤️

  28. Lulu

    This book really really touched me. I finished within a few hours because I couldn’t put it down. It’s not the average gangster story, it’s a story of faith n forgiveness… I pray this book becomes a film because It’s just that good and deserve to be on the big screen…I felt the characters pain from start to finish and now that I got to the end and read the authors notes I see why I felt the pain; because it’s real pain. David I pray to God your situation comes out on top just like your characters did. The first step to healing is admitting and it’s brave of you to admit that to people you don’t know at all !! I’m going to continue to keep you in my prayers !! YOU CAN DO THIS ! Keep praying and keep believing !! 🧡🧡🧡

  29. LaKayla

    Never have I ever been so encouraged to press and pray my way through a storm. I knew there was a reason I was led to read this book and I am so glad I did. I am very much like the “Ashlon” character with keeping the man of my heart prayed up through the similar demons he is battling. This book has helped me to trust God’s plan even though I don’t know what He is doing behind the scenes on our behalf. But I know one thing, this book has reinforced my determination to stand by a good man – going through a hard time. Thank you Mr. Weaver for being a blessing to the masses. Your book has provoked me to complete my own story to uplift and encourage others as well. May God bless you in abundance with complete deliverance, wealth, wisdom and much success. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

  30. T. pass

    When I started reading I did not know what to accept. However reading it has been very encouraging. Although I myself is not suffering from any drug addiction, yet I do struggle with faith. I still do things that’s ungodly and wonders why he stills love me or covers me. So reading this/your story just uplifts me in confirmation that we all is not perfect nut we serve a perfect God. Therefore he isn’t finished yet. Stay prayed up with positive thought and people around you. Continue be a blessing !

  31. sharica

    I love this book! I couldn’t put my phone down! It was good from the beginning to the end! Can’t wait to read part 2!

  32. Kindle Customer

    This book was an eye opener. I couldn’t believe how many people Devin helped but didn’t have the same support. It hit home! It made me smile and cry at the same time. I could not put it down!

  33. lladyluck

    This is a great book. I’m so glad he shared this with his readers because I’m sure it’s touched their hearts as it has done mine. My God continue to shine his light on your darkest days. In prayer with love

  34. Amazon Customer

    It was okay….a very common, predictable story.

  35. Stembie

    This was one of the most captivating books I ever read. It gripped me from start to finish and contained all the elements I look for in a book: suspense, romance, Christian lessons and tragedy. I strongly encourage others to read this.

  36. Amazon Customer

    We all battle some sort of demon in life that has us thinking we are bound. I absolutely needed this. I’m so glad this selection was chosen in our book club because there was a lot of encouraging points that uplifted us all. Through the good and the bad, we will survive. Thank you David

  37. Kindle Customer

    This was a powerful read. I appreciate the transparency and I love how God used you to tell your story to possibly encourage another.

  38. jaronshay

    If I could give this book more stars I would, I’m not the type to give rating. But being that I read this book in a few hours because I couldn’t stop. It’s very inspiring being that I fight my own demons daily, while still trying to pull my family through I definitely can relate to Davin. Awesome book, I would recommend to anyone!

  39. Jess

    The lesson behind this story is very deep and touched me in so many ways. The most high sees us through it all . Having a little faith can open so many new levels in life. Tough times don’t last , tough people do !!!!

  40. Amazon Customer

    This was a book with a purpose. It has a purpose to keep you reading and enlighten you as you read!

  41. Carly

    This book was so good. I literally ended this book in tears. You never know what demons people are battling.

  42. Jennifer Lawson

    This was a great book. To me it was real and had real life experiences. As I read I pictured each scene. So make it a movie 😊😊😊

  43. MzWyndiCity

    I absolutely loved itPrayers of strength and healing. I’ve been an avid reader of his for years. ✊🏾✊🏾

  44. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Awesome Book!! True love is everlasting… It survived rainy days to mud puddles, runny noses to snot bubbles. Having love was one thing, but true love was another… You could always go buy another box, but broken crayons still colored.~David Weaver ~

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  45. Eutishia Mitchell

    I would recommend this book to someone who feels lost. Thanks for sharing your personal story with us. I love books with second chances.

  46. Denise Joy Love


  47. Denise W.

    I loved everything about this book, one can tell it was very personal and heartfelt Best book I have read in a very long time

  48. Amy Henry

    Quite a few typos. More development on characters would’ve been nice. Ending wasn’t bad but wanted more one middle of the story.

  49. Proverbs 31 woman

    Great book I loved it.Devin overcame his demons and became a better man.As much as I read.I usually don’t read Author’s Notes..But something compelled me to glad I did.I pray God release anger and depression off your life. It’s just spirits. imprison you keep you bond so you want be who God fully called you be. See your books torching a lot of people. The enemy don’t like that. He knows God got a great calling on your life. Your father on earth might not be there for you the way you want. But remember you got a father in Heaven who loves you never forsake you. I pray you come completely out the imprisonment you in. Sadness is emotion take control over it tell yourself I chose to be happy. The joy of the Lord is your strength

  50. Takeisha Mccain

    This author is amazing. God lead me to read this book. So many messages that I needed to learn and reminders that we all fall but we can get back up and be stronger than ever. Many blessings to the author.

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