Broken Crayons Still Color

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Multi-platinum rapper Devin has it all. Money, cars, fame, women— he’s living the life of a rockstar. As with anything in life, all good things come to the end of its cycle, and God takes you off of a path so that you can begin anew. Devin stops getting booked for shows, and it causes a ripple effect on his life. Now unable to take care of his family, he turns to heavy drug use to take his mind off of the pain. When the money stops flowing, all of the love that he thought was genuine, doesn’t exist at all. Scandal after scandal surfaces on all of the major blog sites, allegations and rumors, liens from the IRS, and now rumors of his ties to murder-for-hire plots has him mentally defeated. It’s just him against the world until he meets and helps Ashlon when she too was down and out. A good girl with problems of her own, Ashlon understands him in a way that nobody else cares to. She vows to do all she can to help him the same way that he helped her when nobody else would. The question is… can Devin escape his spiraling rollercoaster of drug and alcohol addiction enough to help himself? Can he defeat his demons and pull back to reality long enough to accept help? Or will the devil continue to break and take him under? Certified tear-jerker based on a true story.

This is a story of addiction and redemption, of overcoming some of life’s most overwhelming obstacles with the help of God and his most qualified angels.

–An intimate portrait of a boy becoming a man right before your very eyes. Author David Weaver pens a riveting drama that is sure to become a staple in your African American romance and biography collection.

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2051 reviews for Broken Crayons Still Color

  1. Kat M.

    A good read and the fact that this book is based on a true story caught my attention. An eye opener too into the world of a rapper. Thank you to the author for his heartfelt message at the end. Prayers being said for you brother. You’ve got lots more writing to do so stay strong and stay focused.

  2. Tee Maria

    This was a great book! There are not many books that I have read that left me emotional but this one really touched my heart. I actually cried when Devin met his Dad. We all have days when we might go through something but you have to have faith and keep pushing. I’m so glad that he never gave up. After the dark cloud the sun really did shine again for him. I strongly recommend this book to EVERYBODY!! People can walk around with a smile on their face and you never know what they going through or been through. David Weaver I applaud you!!! I’m patiently waiting on your next great read!

  3. Elisha singleton

    Omg . I have read books that touched me ,but this here had me at work crying like I lost my best friend. This is reality I can relate with having people use and abuse you. I have a big heart and will give a stranger my last but, like in the book family can be your biggest downfall 🤯😭. The praying in the book built a bond so strong. When you are at your lowest and have that person ain’t no way you can let people break that. I’m going to call my girls up and have them read this. The message you wrote about black women is so touching the same with black man we already have the world against us ,so why not uplift each other. I never read any of your books but I’m a fan now. The title is what made me buy it I just wrote a Poem about being broken . See want God do it…

  4. Lakeshia

    This book was amazing! Devin’s life as a successful entertainer and all that comes with that lifestyle can be overwhelming. I love how Ashlon came along and became a breath of fresh air. It was a page turner from beginning to end and the underlying message spoke volumes. I would definitely this book especially to anyone who is battling things no one knows about. Overcoming and conquering vices or flaws is a process never give up on what you desire and the person you want to become. God’s love, comfort, peace and joy will always be with you.”Sometimes healing hurts more than the wounds that were created, but it will be worth it”

  5. Amarezza

    I’m still in awe…everyone has a story to tell like it or not!! We all have our own situations, excuses for reasons or reasons for excuses. At the end of the day you want more or better you must learn to open your mind n soul to allow God in to help you heal by letting go and letting God. God never said it would be easy!…keep fighting and never give up! Broken colors still color!!!!

  6. Kindle Customer

    Great read for someone who down in the dumps and think there’s no return. God is real and this book so beautifully penned seeks to reveal just that. Thumbs up David. Awesome!

  7. R.L.

    Not bad. Very predictable. Way too many typos.

  8. Mrs. T Bishop

    I was hesitant at first, but everywhere I looked on social media I saw this book!!! I’m glad I finally read it!!! It was beautiful!!! I’m glad Devin turned his life around before it was too late!!!

  9. Mia Frison

    I loved this book. I just started reading it this morning and didn’t even realize I read the whole thing by the afternoon. I’ve always wanted to write my own and honestly you’ve given me the drive to do it. I pray you get healing soon. You are so talented and I know God has so much in store for you.

  10. Martina

    Good Read, just too many errors! I felt that took away from the story, other than that the book was great!

  11. Linda

    Love the book. This story oh so real. Keep writing. Will be praying for you….Have brothers fighting the same problems. God is faithful.

  12. marie

    There wasnt anything I didn’t like in this book. It was very touching. Dont never lose your faith in God..

  13. Sassy4U

    i highly recommend this book to anyone that is going through a hard and trying time in there life. Even if it seems as if God isn’t on your side, just have faith and keep praying. He may not come when you need him, but he is always on time. I want to thank you Mr. Weaver for sharing this story with your readers. I personally never would imagine that you were going through this. Just know that i will be praying for your strength and health, and for the healing and deliverance through everything that you are going through. God Bless

  14. Tikishia E.

    Mr. Weaver, this is one of the best books you have written. I have read all of your books but this was one of the dealers. God bless you. Continue to walk in your truth. God sometimes breaks us down to build us up for greatness. May God continue to bless your life and your pen!!

  15. Kindle Customer

    I liked that Devin actually accepted help and advice from his father and his father friend and used it in a way to help him overcome his struggle. I really disliked Lika, she like so many people always tear people down when they are at their lowest instead of uplifting them. Be mindful of how you treat people because you never know their story…..the shoe could be on the other foot. Good read! Keep speaking your truth!!

  16. Author Michael D. Beckford

    This was an excellent read by an author I just discovered. I too as an author can relate to the struggles of darkness and depression that David Weaver is referring to in both the character of Devin and himself. I read this book in a manner of a day, surely a book you can’t put down. It’s a phenomenal story with a lot of soul stirring moments. Its a glimpse into the good life of a man, filled with the wrong decisions. I gave this book 4 stars instead of 5 not because of the story line. But because there were a few typographical areas which were noticeable in certain areas of the book. Wonderful book overall, I would love to one Day have a communication with this author. Maybe even say a little prayer with him one day because I know he’s a man of faith and just as in the character of Devin. God too can redeem him from his struggles. We as authors and influencers have a great call on our lives and not many people understand that. Being a creative person in whatever capacity that is, takes a mode of losing a small portion of yourself every time you write or rap. Because it’s in that little small portion as we see in the character of Devin (Q Mack) that everyone wants to profit off the gift and or anointing for which God has given you. Awesome book.

  17. Latonya

    The book was good it kept my attention the hold time :could not put it done until I was done reading,I told my friend about it ;he brought it too

  18. joyce a smith

    While the storyline was captivating there were many grammatical errors in the book, which at times made it a slow read.e.g. the pronoun “she” should have been used and it would have “he” in error

  19. LJ

    While reading this book I thought in my head it’s so sad how can you give a five star ⭐️ to a sad True story, but as I continue to read God blessed Devin just like he blessed Job in the Bible. Devin was tremendous blessed and became far wiser in the end. Then to read the authors struggles it just melted my heart. The book is so deep and heart touching it is very much a 5⭐️ worthy and I pray for you young man. God hears you, keep the faith we all struggle from time to time, but the only ones who are lost are the people that don’t know God. I am coming out of pain now just keep crying out to the Lord he will NOT let you down.

  20. Julie M

    I wanted to give this 4 stars cause I really enjoyed reading this story and would recommend to others. However it was a bit preachy and wrapped up in sunshine and ribbons which just didn’t ring true to the story after all the crap Devin the lead went through.Yes you want the protagonist to win but the wrap up seemed a bit overdone for me.Don’t get me wrong I liked the message behind the story and I felt so much empathy for the characters you are meant to root for cause we all go through struggles. Maybe I’m just bitter.Regardless this book is worth your time. I hope I can come out on top and that one cloud over me leaves soon just like Devin.

    One person found this helpful
  21. Carol Washington

    Yes, it really peaked my interest after I realized it wasn’t an x-rated novel. It was real, down to earth, and not sugar coated. I felt it was definitely relatable to everyday life and the strongholds. Oh, but the deliverance and the greatness of God responding with his tender loving care to someone’s prayers, if not our own is truly a blessing. I believe in the faith and belief in the power of prayer. Trust and Believe and let a God work it out!!! Awesome Book.

  22. TC

    It was a very good read, had me all emotional myself reading this book. There were some things I could relate to and some things I hope I’d never encounter like Ashlon having to be in the rain with her baby. I am glad it was a happy ending. I’m sad to hear that David himself hasn’t seen his daughter. The part about how black women think of black men struck me deeply as i’ve been trying to reprogram the way I think of my black Kings! Absolutely loved this!

  23. Amazon Customer

    One of the best books he’s writing in my opinion. If you’ve ever read any of his work. You will definitely enjoy this one.

  24. TaNesha Wilkins

    This is a great read!!!

  25. Markeisha Jones

    D. Weaver, one of my new favs. Broken crayons really do still color. Don’t throw them out. One man’s trash is truly another’s treasure.

  26. Caramelkisses

    I truly loved this story because it showed not only the struggles of man but the power of God. Furthermore, I appreciated the author for the information he listed at the end of the book. It shows resilience, great character, and growth.

  27. empowered

    The book was an overall great read. However, the comparison of how black women and white women view black men was interesting. This book also validates when we operate in the flesh & not spirit of the Lord, unwanted consequences are sure to follow.

  28. Shawanda

    This book was so good. Please read this I promise you will not be disappointed. This book will have you crying and smiling. Thank you David for sharing your story. I’m sure it will help influence and motivate a lot of people.

  29. JustBootsie

    Great read but wanted more! Glad I took the suggestion to read it from Amazon kindle, even though it needed a few grammatical edits. Definitely a feel good storyline.

  30. machell dailey

    I loved how the book showed a realistic account of star’s lives. At the end of the day, they are people too. They deal with the same things regular people do.

  31. Denise Ward

    I too suffer with depression and have learned to leave notes for myself everywhere telling myself how worthy I am of love, and that I am good enough. Try using sticky notes to boost the better parts of you and push away your demons.

  32. khrist

    This book was absolutely amazing. As I’m facing my own demons questioning my faith in God, this book has definitely helped me gain the right perspective again. Thank you so much!

  33. Coretta Hurd

    The overall storyline is one that is full of life-lessons. Some are obvious; others, you may have to read between the lines or think outside the box. Nevertheless, this book is a great demonstration of faith and true love.

  34. Sherika

    I started reading this book and finished it a few hours later. It kept my attention! I would recommend this book to others.

  35. Jai London Forde

    David thank you for your personal message at the end of the book, I admire your honesty and i know it’s is hard to open up and share personal things, so i commend you. I hope you get the piece of mind you desire and everyday is a healing process keep your faith because you will come out on top.You are one of my favourite authors actually you are my favourite male author!This book was powerful the cover of the book and title are what drew me to it, the story was touching and i would like to hear your take on pt 2!From Jai in london

  36. Monique

    This really was a great book. The title of the book is what caught my attention. I love the title and the story.

  37. Sway B

    I absolutely loved this book Devin and Ashlon’s story is truly amazing a true testament of how anyone can overcome their toughest trails

  38. Kindle Customer

    This is really a short read, but the depths of the story could not get any longer. I loved it. It really speaks to the struggles and reality of life and coping mechanisms.

  39. Dee

    First and foremost I loved the title. I also enjoyed the book from beginning to end. May God continue to strengthen you.

  40. Vesti F.

    I was glad to read such a faith-based urban book. It brought joy to my soul, thank you! Great Story!

  41. Amazon Customer

    I loved this story because it spoke to the heart of the black family. I also really enjoyed finding out some truths about the black man and how he feels. I pray for Mr. Weaver and the black community as a whole.

  42. Kindle Customer

    Loved loved loved this book. Very inspirational. God’s Grace & Mercy is so real. David Weaver you will continuously be in my prayers.

  43. good gurl

    This is by far my favorite from D. Weaver,mainly because his own truth is woven into the story. Takes a big person to admit flaws. I was losing hope for Devin a few times, but I appreciate the ending.

  44. Kindle Customer

    This is one of the best books I’ve ever read and really encouraging! Absolutely love this book…Keep the faith King!

  45. Amazon Customer

    I’m really at a lost for words right now. This book was the REALEST book I have ever read and it had me so emotional . I pray that you overcome all your demons and continue to bless us with you gift.

  46. njesq

    Good quick read. Nice story line with faith embedded throughout the book. A good reminder that broken crayons still color.

  47. Amazon Customer

    David, I’ve read your previous books and I’m glad your back at it! I pray that you continue to progress and that your story helps someone else. Be blessed!

  48. Kindle Customer

    I love this!! Was looking for something different to read, and I must say I didn’t put it down until it was done. Keep pushing, striving, and praying brother. You never know what someone is going through. Prayer changes things.

  49. lakeya

    the book itself was an awesome read. Wish I had four thumbs. However the Authors note which was only a couple paragraphs moved me just as much as the words in his book. We all struggle with something but when you can admit it.. it stops others from gaining your power. Walk in your truths and don’t them it beat it.

  50. Amazon Customer

    This book was an absolute pleasure to read. Depression and addiction are very prevalent bedfellows and deserve the awareness this book provides. Thank you David Weaver for a wonderful insight to both.

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