Broken Crayons Still Color 3

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Having addictive genes can make life tricky for anyone. Being a major Hip-Hop artist– a self proclaimed rock star, being married to a woman whose investment firm made the Forbes list– while battling an ongoing struggle with pills, alcohol, and various allegations and attacks in the media– is downright exhausting.

Devin does everything in his power to try to keep it together for the sake of his family, but often he falls short in his ambitious efforts. Where he falls short, Ashlon picks up his slack; and as a team, they work together to keep their family unit intact through the multiple threats that attack their strength.

The mother of his child is in a difficult space as well. It’s not easy being the baby mama of a famous artist, and despite their best efforts, communication is a constant task since they’re both trying to explain worlds to each other that the other person doesn’t live in.

One of David Weaver’s most personal and soul-clenching books ever. A tear-dropping, breath-taking classic that will go down as one of the most unforgettable stories ever written.

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48 reviews for Broken Crayons Still Color 3

  1. Nay

    Love this book it’s amazing you did a great job. Thank you for being so honest & open about your life

  2. S. Porter

    The book was ok but my thing was it was too many words in between the actual person words. Not even, half way through the book, I found myself swiping past a lot of pages. Honestly, I only finished reading this book, because I paid for it.

  3. Ann Love Words

    I’ve read each book understanding holding others problem trying to fix them cause me pain and expecting people will see there wrong is wishful thinking

  4. Kindle Customer

    All I can say this is his best work yet to come. These books had me thinking about a lot of things in life. You just don’t know what people go through on a daily basis. I’m praying for all who read this book and Mr. Weaver.

  5. Shelley

    This was a great series of books to read. The author keeps your attention and keeps the suspense. Is there going to be another book? Was kind of sad how it ended

  6. CaramelCutey

    You just have to read this book. It will make you decide to be the best you, you can be. Impatiently waiting for book 4

  7. Kindle Customer

    This did not disappoint. I was captivated once again with the sequel. Please hurry with part 4. I can’t wait

  8. Kj

    So what happened to the baby Lika and Brown had in book 2? I really think you should have keep it at 1 book because its been going down hill since then. The umbrella phrase with the only good point in the book everything else was just all over the place.

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  9. Amazon Customer

    Thank you for being transparent and for showing your heart. We both have a spirit of giving and we both have been mistreated in the process God doesn’t make mistakes and this book proves it. He has a plan for you and you are doing his will. It’s hard but I thank you for your tests because they WILL be testimonies. Much love and respect.

  10. Mz. Young

    I have been waiting on part 3 for years and it did not disappoint. The passage about Umbrella touch me and open my eyes because that is how my relationship was.

  11. Megann

    Great book, keep pressing even in adversity. God is allowing u to use ur books as a testimony to others.

  12. Channelle McKinney Johnson

    Ok the storyline is good, but I can’t get into the books when you have so many years between the books! So, lets start with the way you books keep ending! I would not habe read any of the books if you would indicate to it would “to be continued”! Story readers don’t like cliff hangers when it takes the writer so long to come out with the next book!

    One person found this helpful
  13. Blanche Campbell

    Although this book speaks in struggles with drug abuse. There are many other addictions that we as humans struggle with. This book is an inspiration for all of them. This book also addresses everyday issues we have as human beings such as running a business and people taking advantage and just trying to make it from day to day with struggles such as anxiety and depression. This book let’s us know that we can fight thru it. I pray the author gets the healing he deserves for pushing thru and continuing with this book and I can’t wait for the next one! I’ve read all of the series and can tell how much the author has grown!

  14. Terri G.

    Much like its predecessors Book 3 tugs at your heart, you identify with the Father that has made mistakes but loves his son unconditionally, you identify with the supporting wife, hanging on by a thread with her agape love, you identify with the celebrity drowning in a pit of sorrow, shame, depression and emotional fatigue. It’s a rare, transparent look into the conflicted view of life, rarely told …Why? Honestly, its not attractive; normally what happens behind closed doors, troubled hearts and corrupted minds is not easily shared. As a former wife of an addict, I saw myself through the writer’s words but more importantly I saw addiction from a different perspective. I urge you to read the entire series, I look forward to Book #4.

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  15. Sablee

    Really enjoy this series, My heart goes out to Devin and his wife, lawd when will they get a break . Continuous blessing to the author for sharing such a touching story.

  16. Qwauna Myss_Que_2_U

    I read books one and two, I thought three would follow up where two left off, but there were a lot of unanswered questions and loopholes in three. I thought Lika and Brown had a son already and what happened to Devin and Ashlon’s pregnancy? I enjoyed the story and I am looking forward to book four, but I was left wondering did I not read book two correctly, but I am waiting for the rest of the story because this cliffhanger is irking me lol.

  17. Kindle Customer

    This family can’t catch a break, Devin and his family need those monkeys off they backs. Bunny made a big mistake by putting his phone number on that letter he’s got to go. Lika’s needs her butt kicked. Waiting on 4👏🏾👏🏾

  18. Kacheta

    This series gets better and better. Patiently waiting on part 4. You are in my prayers and keep this series going. You are a great author and I wish you nothing but more blessings.

  19. Kindle Customer

    Loved this book it is the story so many lives I have known I see myself and husband all over this book thank you David 4 sharing you’re up most experiences Carnal and spiritually

  20. Stephanie Jordan

    This book was not his best work AT ALL! Very hard to finish, minus the errors the story were just strange as hell! The part about the homeless man and son at the “red bus” made me want to delete the kindle app it was that damn ugh. If you read it you know and if you haven’t, don’t. Yes I saw his disclaimer at the end, still just being honest. He go have to come All the way with it once he back on his feet.

  21. Bianca McLovin

    It was just as good of a read as the first two but it just seemed a little rushed. I wish it didn’t end so abruptly.

  22. Tara Reid

    This book was good… I had so many questions after reading the second one. Some were answered and some not but still a good read. There are lessons and messages that I can apply to my own life. Loved it. My prayers are with the author.

  23. Mz. Undastood870

    This book was REMARKABLE, just like the two before it! I can’t wait to read book #4!!!!! Amazing writing and storyline! Remarkably written!

  24. TONIA

    This was an Amazing book! I hope there will be a part 4, 5 and 6.Great job Mr WeaverWow!!

  25. S. McLean

    I felt so bad for Devin because it seems no matter how hard he tries he just keeps spiraling out of control. The way the book ended I know there’s going to be a part 4. I can’t wait to find out who survived the shoot out.

    One person found this helpful
  26. Rashida Williams

    I’m so in love with Broken Crayons Still Color Series! What a wonderful job🙌🏼❤ please keep these Classics coming. Loving it❤❤❤

  27. Amazon Customer

    Amazing Job!!!! Everyone has a daily struggle they deal with, learning how to control your reaction to it defines the outcome you receive from it.

  28. Amazon Customer

    Inspiring, motivational, uplifting!!!! I love how you put your story out there the good and the flawed keep going please

  29. melissa johnson

    I don’t know about this one I have read the other books and I was very disappointed with this one it doesn’t have the same energy as the ones before maybe it’s me maybe but I can say that I feel sorry for Devin and Lika is the typical baby momma from hell the whole story is crazy hope it turns out well

  30. Katrice Clark

    This series of books just keep getting better and better. I thank God for showing His grace and mercy to this author, and for allowing him to continue to inspire us (the readers) through his testimony!

  31. cindy smith

    Love the storyline

  32. india

    Thank you David we needed this book and I’m glad you were able to finish it. Even though you struggled with your addiction you also helped someone else with theirs. Sometimes writing can be so therapeutic for others you don’t realize that you are helping save someone else from their demons. I will continue to pray that you have a gift and will continue to bless us with your gift.

  33. lavette davis

    I hat writing reviews but sometimes I’m compelled to do so. I do enjoy your books so much. Always good writing and a message in the stories. I pray for your continued strength

  34. VMB 55

    I liked the book. The characters had a lot going on. I didn’t like the ending and I’m hoping that another book in this series will come out soon.

  35. Tiffani W

    Completely love the series of broken crayons still color. I hope Devin can get his life together. Really good read!

  36. Taniesha King

    OmgStunned!Very relatable, I am in awe of the ending hoping for a part 4! I feel for Devin, paths in life that we take

  37. Ms. A

    Devin still dealing with personal issues and demons. He will admit to some problems & ignore the others. Will read next book to see how it ends

  38. WorknProgress

    Book 1 was Great. Book 2 was ok but, this was a mess. It seems to me that Devin makes alot of excuses for his actions. I know hurt, addiction and generational curses from experience. All the money in the world can’t account for not having common sense. This book was just weird. Book 1 was touching and I felt for him. Book 2 and this one was exhausting to read and left me feeling like he is insane. Constantly doing the same things yet, expecting a diffrent outcome. He’s one of those people who seek God when its convenient. He’s not learning from his mistakes. He’s arrogant, compulsive, selfish, and self absorbed. Everyone around him is taking losses because of his actions while he hides like a coward.

  39. Authoress Kimberly Miller

    I’m thankful for this book because once you can’t admit whatever, the situation is, then and only then can you be free. This book has help me and I definitely know it will help many others in their trials thank you for being real and obedient to writing this book.You will forever be in my prayers.

  40. Tabitha V Maze

    Mediocre with a lot of grammar errors. However it did keep me wondering what would happen next. I’ve never would of guessed the ending. My mind head was leaning towards someone else dying. The author’s ending has me thinking a part 4 is to come. But, I don’t thinking I’ll read it because the grammar errors got on my last nerves. My advice to the author is to get a better proof reader/editor next time.

    5 people found this helpful
  41. D

    Even with the small errors the overall book, purpose, storyline is just straight drop/awesomeness. I use to read books back to back and I’ve stopped but Broken Crayons out of every book I’ve ever read (alot) is #1. For many reasons but the main b/c of the realness I feel coming from the author. It’s spoken words to a drowning soul. If ever yu felt pain or depression or stress his words through the books is almost like “I feel you” “I’ve been there”. I’m praying for Ashlon hopes she’s ok and Ayeeka. I now feel like her kid father is genuine. But that Lika and Banny honnnneeyy whewww esp Lika I’m tired of her conniving butt

  42. Tee J.

    This is a must read. I can’t wait for the next one. I send healing vibes to the author. Never give up.

  43. Misha

    I wanted to enjoy it like the first 2 but it didn’t feel completely flushed out and now we have to wait for another book. Honestly I read pt. 2 so long ago I didn’t realize it would be a part 3. When I saw it was about 150 pages I had a feeling it would feel like a short read. I wish it didn’t end the way it did. I like Ashlon and the fact that something so tramatic happened and… it ends. I also felt there were alot of self victimizing going on. Then it made me wonder when dealing with addiction does it make you blame everyone else. I hope book 4 ties up every loose end and ends the series. And I really hope it pits an end to the demons and addictions.

    One person found this helpful
  44. ChanceLace

    I’ve tried contacting the author and Amazon and I’m still unable to get a date of when this book will be available in paperback. Very frustrating.

  45. Ms Ann

    My heart goes out to Devin and his wife, Ashlon. They haven’t been able to get a break. Devin is addicted to drugs, alcohol, pills and suffers from depression. He has not been able to acknowledge his shortcomings and get the help he needed. I think he wants to be better and do better but he is a lost soul. Both girls love him but they are children. Why was the section on the homeless man and his son included. The baby mother is the mother from hell. How are you going to have another man baby and expect Devin to pay her more. That is foolish . Banny is a very evil man. To the author, I say to continue to pray without ceasing. Things are happening to you for a reason. Put on righteousness as a breast plate, and an helmet of salvation upon your head. Trouble don’t last always. Soon the storm in your life will past over.

    2 people found this helpful
  46. LADY JAE

    I love the humbling prayers at the end of this series. This series is an encouragement to those battling addictions

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  47. Amazon Customer

    Such an amazing read of a broken soul.. I have never read any series that caused me to highlight so many quotes that were written. I appreciate the author’s honesty within the storyline and during his personal remarks. I would like to say thank you Mr. David Weaver for sharing your craft and blessings to you.

  48. Karen White

    What I liked a about this book was that God always placed someone in his life that was in need n he was obedient each time, n by him being obedient he always received a blessing when he didn’t have a clue on how he was going to get it or make it but God was there in the midst of it all…

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