Broken Crayons Still Color 2

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When you squeeze a water balloon, as long as you don’t make it burst, the water simply goes to a different part of the balloon. Addictive personalities are similar. If a person breaks an addiction, they then have to find something else to transfer their energy toward.

With Ashlon’s help, Devin has made major strides to change his life in order to be a better man. He gives up alcohol and drug addiction but is now facing the toughest battles he’s ever had to face: forgiveness and gambling. Coming from the streets, he only understood that penalties existed for those who offended him. But you can’t walk with God and carry the work of the devil, and how can you ask for forgiveness from God when you yourself can’t forgive those that have hurt you?

Some people saw gambling as a harmless venture. They saw a gambler win big or lose big but never saw the psychological side effects to winning and losing money at such a rapid pace. Devin gets the wake-up call of a life time, forcing him to embark on a dramatic journey toward finding and getting to know God on a level that he’d never known him before.

A deep, emotional love story that is sure to make you feel every single emotion that exists and the sequel to the best-selling love story, Broken Crayons Still Color is a passionate drama that wins over listeners one word at a time. One of the most important stories of the year with over 1,000 Amazon customer reviews in 5 months, this is a must-listen for fans of powerful award-winning stories, as well as members of Oprah’s Book Club.

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526 reviews for Broken Crayons Still Color 2

  1. N

    I read broken crayons still color a few days ago n Had to read this one idk why but this book made me cry again

  2. Betty Jenkins

    It was about true life experiences. We all need Jesus Christ in our lives. It was a life lesson. Live and learn from past mistakes.😍

  3. Brenda Washington

    I chose this rating mostly for book 1. Although I think book 2 was good it should have ended differently. I would recommend this series to my book club girls.

  4. machell dailey

    What a page turner! I couldn’t put the book down. I was surprisee about the journeys of every character in the book.

  5. Danae Eskridge

    And you did it again!!! David, your books have touched me. No author I’ve come across tells a story but gives the message so clear it’s like speaking directly to your face. Pointing it out saying “Here, this is what I mean”. I love you so much and God more for placing you on this earth. Your talent is amazing and the truth and honesty about yourself and your struggles is what touches the reader the most. The raw truth. Please don’t ever stop your shine!! I feel your energy as I read and I’m spiritually sending you good vibes and blessings. Stay strong and proud and never stop fighting! Love Always, #YourFan

  6. Kindle Customer

    I was so distraught that Devin would order a hit on the rapper. I really thought he was changed completely. But he is of flesh. So no judgement here. He had to Dang near lose everything in order to realize it wasn’t worth losing his family the street life had to go.Tears meant replacement. It was the flush of pain, weakness, and hurt with the presence of power. It was the process of washing away the difficult moments so that you could take in the better frames.David Weaver u are truly amazing and blessed beyond belief. He doesn’t put more on us than we can bear, but he does send us through things to realize what we have and that it can just as easily be taken as fast as it was given. As for addictions we all have our vices but we have to be strong in the faith of God to overcome them, and we also have to WANT TO CHANGE. It starts within! I pray that you pray that you are more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ and the Devil cannot separate you from the Almighty God!1Peter5:10 And the GOD of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.Romans 5:3-5 Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; 4. perseverance, character; and character, hope. 5. And hope does not put to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.

  7. 2’sday

    Good Read 🤞🏾 Part 1 & 2 was very good/interesting. You will be crying at times & smiling at other. Thanks for your kind words at the end!

  8. Kindle Customer2

    Book #2 fell right into sequence with book #1 but I still feel as though book #2 was incomplete at the end. I truly believe God heals all things at the appropriate time.

  9. Tonya E.

    The first book was great but he second book seemed rushed and wasn’t as good.. It was an OK read

    One person found this helpful
  10. CJ

    This book carried on from the first book flawlessly. There were some life lessons mixed in from start to finish

  11. Tiara Crystal

    Just as good as part 1. If you already fell in love with the characters in part 1 you have to see how they end up of course. Love how the author personally connects with the reader.

  12. Christina Zuri

    Loved it! This is a MUST read. Everybody can relate, motivation in ink! I want to see a part 3

  13. K.O

    I read part one on Tuesday and part two on Wednesday and decided to leave a review today, Thursday. It’s been a great week partly because I’ve been lost in your books. These books really have been awesome. The love that Ashlon and Devin has is breath taking. My husband and I are working on our relationship with the Lord because we know that’s the key to having an everlasting marriage. I’m hoping that the way part two ended that there will be a part three….so many things were left opened. Thank you for much for your work of art and I pray that things continue to work out in your life.

  14. A. Pittman

    Wow! This book is so powerful with great meaning. I will definitely have both my sons read part 1 as well as this one. So many lessons are brought to the fore front. This is a major eye opener! Thanks again David.

  15. Amazon Customer

    I loved part 1 and part 2 was just as great & very inspirational. Thank you Mr. Weaver for writing such a wonderful book!

  16. T. Thomas

    I thoroughly enjoyed the book and the message. The author is truly talented. I appreciate his transparency. I’m the future, if you ever need it, I’d love to be a proof reader for your novels. I’ve recommend you to my book club and all friends!

  17. Keisha

    I would recommend this book to an adult audience. Definitely a must read!!!! Great job, well done, and kudos. Peace

  18. Kindle Customer

    FabulousI loved this it had so many life lessons in it. Great read! As are his other books. Highly recommend!

  19. frederica Riddick

    There are so many things I love about this book!!! So inspirational so much to think about in life so many people go through things like Devin has gone through!! I would definitely recommend this book too my friends and family and anybody that wants a good read!! I’m so glad it ended with him and Ashlon together!! Great job!!

  20. Ike

    This book was amazing. I finished it in a couple hours. This author’s work is always great. I look forward to reading more from him.

  21. Whitney

    Loved it, a lot of life lessons, encouraging situations, and it for sure kept you guessing


    Oh GOD! I absolutely loved Part 1 and 2. GOD has a way of getting our attention. Keep praying and let GOD lead you in the way HE would have you to go.

  23. Darla W

    This book had me feeling like I was there ..Being apart of the ups and downs, the craziness, the happiness. This book had me analyzing my own life and my journey with God. Thank you Mr Weaver for another awesome book.

  24. Lady Red

    God is good and worthy of prayer and praise. This book completes a full circle of love, forgiveness, and life.

  25. Shannon P.

    Usually the sequels aren’t as good as the original but that is definitely not the case with this book. I love the message of this book and the message really got close to home. Keep up the good work inspiring me and others!

  26. STCDB13

    I really enjoyed reading this book. I had previously read the first book as well and enjoyed it too. It reminds me a lot of my own life in certain areas, as well as the things I have seen over the years. These books have been a blessing and I cant wait to read part 3.

  27. Kindle Customer

    I was intrigued. The message of forgiveness and patience was well received. I read this book in 2 days and hated when I had to put it down.

  28. M.V.P.

    As I write this review years are flowing. I couldn’t put this story down. I know that God takes care of us if we have faith no matter how low we go. I love success stories and this book was with a truly happily ever after. I pray everyday for those of us who are still running in that vicious circle and getting nowhere. Thanks for sharing your heartache with your readers. You are on my prayer list.

  29. Kindle Customer

    Part 2 wasn’t as good as the first book.

    One person found this helpful
  30. cindy smith

    Good storyline

  31. Lulu

    I felt like this part 2 was a bit rushed. Maybe it should’ve been new characters and the first one should’ve stayed how it was with no sequel. Other than that I understand the message. I’m still praying for you Mr. Weaver. God got you and he will see you through it !!! God bless 🙏🏽

  32. Lisa L. Simon

    Such an awesome continued story, just as good as part 1. I love how you give the reader a chance to visualize and relate to your characters. Again, thank you for your vulnerability. I pray that God continues to do a great work in you. He has truly gifted you the ability to write. Well done!

  33. C. Lewis

    I read the first one and it was awesome. Great follow up with this one. Is there going to be a part 3? Hope so

  34. Lady Red

    God is good and worthy of prayer and praise. This book completes a full circle of love, forgiveness, and life.

  35. NubianQueen Alexander

    This book was everything and more!!! Thank you for sharing your story and telling us how God used you and your family. May God bless you and your family and continue to allow God to use you. God bless!!!

  36. LadyV

    1 of the best books I’ve read this far! It opens your eyes to what can happen if you trust in the lord!

  37. Ebony Lewis

    This book was phenomenal! I felt Devins frustration with himself, bc of the disappointment he saw and felt from his wife. He loved his children and wife enough to allow God to change him. When you seek God sincerely he’ll show up every time. God please continue to bless David Weaver!

  38. Tequila Warren

    You have absolutely outdone yourself again, thank you so much for sharing your talent. I’m looking forword to more from you

  39. LeKesha Brown

    Keep releasing in your writing. God is able to deliver those who diligently seek Him. Hold on to what you believe and KEEP the faith.

  40. Latoya Samuel

    This book really went beyond words for me and touched my soul. I’ve been dealing with an incredible loss and I keep questioning everything including God. Some days I wake up and I don’t even want to. This just made me realize the spiritual battle I’m fighting and how I just need to pray and have faith. I can’t describe what this book means to me but I can say it’s given me a glimmer of hope and an ounce of fight.

  41. felicia edwards

    Once again you have amazed me,made me face my own demons. Keep writing and keep pushing. May God continue to bless you.

  42. Shydae

    Wow! This book was amazing. I would double dare any man to take the time to actually read broken crayon still color.

  43. Amazon Customer

    Such a great read .Kept me entertained the entire time would recommend to friends and family…highly enjoyed the entire time.

  44. Ennice Davis

    This book gave me great insight from your perspective!! I loved reading this story!! Kudos to you David Weaver keep writing just like this. Excellent read!!

  45. Takia H.

    Again the author spoke to my soul. It’s nothing like what God can do, but when you open up asks really realize it, it’s the most powerful peace of mind body soul and spirit. From one person that fights depression to another, your books are amazing. Peace and many more blessings.

  46. Kindle Customer

    I absolutely loved this book. It was so inspiring one of the most honest books that I have read in a long time

  47. Kindle Customer

    Love it made me pay attention to my lifeas I was reading it . I will go back and write those scriptures down also…

  48. Bookie

    This book was really depressing but it goes to show you that God will break you down and take everything from you to bring you back to him. I felt everything in this book, im glad Devin had a strong God fearing wife who didnt leave him when he made all those bad decisions because most women would have. Devin learned his lesson, it was really sad that the father made bad mistakes also that ended him right back in prison.

  49. Tomeka

    I truly enjoyed this book. I found myself talking out loud to the book, especially when OG Terrance took the pills and smoked cracked with Black Barbee. The love that Devin and Ashlon have with one another and with God is awesome. I hope David is working on Broken Crayons Still Color 3.

  50. Pam Williams

    I thoroughly enjoyed both books in this series. It was an honest look at addiction in other forms aside from drugs. Please continue to tea h and reach others.

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