Broken Crayons Still Color 2

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When you squeeze a water balloon, as long as you don’t make it burst, the water simply goes to a different part of the balloon. Addictive personalities are similar. If a person breaks an addiction, they then have to find something else to transfer their energy toward.

With Ashlon’s help, Devin has made major strides to change his life in order to be a better man. He gives up alcohol and drug addiction but is now facing the toughest battles he’s ever had to face: forgiveness and gambling. Coming from the streets, he only understood that penalties existed for those who offended him. But you can’t walk with God and carry the work of the devil, and how can you ask for forgiveness from God when you yourself can’t forgive those that have hurt you?

Some people saw gambling as a harmless venture. They saw a gambler win big or lose big but never saw the psychological side effects to winning and losing money at such a rapid pace. Devin gets the wake-up call of a life time, forcing him to embark on a dramatic journey toward finding and getting to know God on a level that he’d never known him before.

A deep, emotional love story that is sure to make you feel every single emotion that exists and the sequel to the best-selling love story, Broken Crayons Still Color is a passionate drama that wins over listeners one word at a time. One of the most important stories of the year with over 1,000 Amazon customer reviews in 5 months, this is a must-listen for fans of powerful award-winning stories, as well as members of Oprah’s Book Club.

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526 reviews for Broken Crayons Still Color 2

  1. Pebbles

    Awesome book

  2. Ebony

    Very good book, reminder that God always has a plan for your life no matter how hard it seems, he’s just waiting on us. Thanks for sharing your story

  3. joy123

    I love the first book and I fall on love with the second book. I learned from both books. Keep writing great stories.

  4. Ms Ann

    First of, this 2nd book was very good. I have been pulling for Devin and Ashlon the entire time. Barber was bad news from the beginning and Terrance was no match for her. He went along with her request and was unable to say no. Terrance wasn’t use to the outside good !I’ve and betrayed Banny. We can all see where this is leading. Another death in prison. The girls love Devin and Ashlon and there life together. Now depression is real! Mental illness is real. Disaster is putting it on the back burner and doing nothing about it. Forgiveness is not for the other person but for oneself. To grow and move on, you must forgive. To grow one must forgive it will eat you alive. Once you say you forgive, let it go, release the baggage. Depression can eat you alive. Some times it’s best to get professional help. Depression or a chemical imbalance could be monitored with medicine. Having thoughts with depression could lead to a land of no return. I offer you to trust in the Lord completely and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path! Always hold on to your Faith! When you take something to GOD leave it there. I felt like Barber was going to overcose, too much drama as issues.

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  5. Samantha

    This book did not disappoint. I pray for all who struggle with demons including myself. Thank you David for allowing God to speak through you and sharing it with us.

  6. Tajuana Smith

    Broken Crayons Still Color 2I really didn’t expect this book to be better than the first. I thought the author would never be able to pull it off. Well ummm… He showed me! It was so many jewels dropped! And it pointed some things that I needed to change within myself.Devin disappointed me as much as he did wife. He let his desperation cloud his thinking. I really had big hopes for him and thought he overcame the time in his life for making poor decisions, evidently not.OG should have stayed where he was. He came back into his sons life and just created more problems when Devin was doing just fine. When he was on the road to getting his life all the way on track, OG created problems that took Devin on a downward spiral.4.5*

  7. Keyon

    This author is great!

  8. Kindle Customer

    I love the fact that this author was so transparent with his notes. He spoke to so many people without even know. Sometimes people go through different kinds of addictions silently thinking they have it under control. Thank you for both books. God Speed

  9. Taya

    AMAZING!!!! Would recommend this book. The author told a story many wouldn’t tell. A story that African American families like to keep hidden. Way to bring the truths out. Helping others to reveal their truths

  10. S. McLean

    Great read. A happy ending for some but not for all.

  11. Kindle Customer

    Brought pain ,love,God Smack and Salon into my heart and Soul .. I can feel the raw emotion and addiction and faith as it co insides with mine

  12. Booklover2011

    This book was really good! Very realistic and will help alit if people going through addiction and wrapped in the worldly things! I lived the incorporation of faith in GOD. Please try to do things on their own but don’t realize having faith and believing in GOD will get through some the hardest times in life.

  13. Deidre Michele Nichols

    I would recommend this book to every was a spiritual experience..I couldn’t put it down.Need more from this author

  14. Ike

    This book was amazing. I finished it in a couple hours. This author’s work is always great. I look forward to reading more from him.

  15. Kym

    I couldn’t put it down. Just as I couldn’t put down th first book. This book had me wondering if it was really based on a true story. Ashlon has a great Spirit and her divosion to God always made my eyes water. Again, a good read!

  16. Christal

    I loved everything about this book. Considering the hard times I’m going through, it made me have a better perception about life and relationships. I could go on, but it’s hard for me to express myself through text, that’s a struggle i need to work on. But great book, very relatable

  17. Sydonna

    This book was very emotional for me and it made me think of what I am going through and how I can heal with the help of God. I have been a fan of David Weaver and read all his books. This book and Part 1 had been the best 2 books of his career to me. I give the utmost respect to this man not only for sharing his story but touching the lives of people that are broken and helping them see that they are not alone. I continue to keep David Weaver in my prayers and please keep your head up cause God gotcha.

  18. Poison Ivy

    I loved how it continued from the first book, and didn’t disappoint at the end. It involved true to life situations, and I instantly became a fan of the author, David Weaver.

  19. Ros M.

    I love it!! Broken Crayons 2 was very moving and thought provoking. Weaver tells a story and schools you at the same time. He my new favorite author!! I love how he weaves you in as he tells his tale of woe helping you be better.

  20. amanda

    i loved the book because its so encouraging but i need part 3 and just want the author to keep reaching for god never changing hand

  21. Amazon Customer

    I can’t wait to read more of your work. I am hooked truly a fan. Thank You for sharing so much of yourself in your work. This book made you realize whatever you deal with depression, drugs, life in general your not alone and God is always willing and able to change any part of your life for the better if your willing to allow Him to do so!! Be blessed and encouraged David Always!!!

  22. Diann

    Absolutely loved it keep up the good work God Bless you keep fighting. Thank you for sharing I really appreciated. It

  23. Brenda Joe

    Wow. Wow. Wow! I’m mad the book ended the way it did. No part 3? 😩 All in all still a good read from beginning to end. Learned a lot of valuable lessons.

  24. shakinashakina

    This book brought tears to my eyes it was so good. I would love a part 3 because the way it ended i have so many unanswered questions. I could not put the book down because it was so good thank you so much for writing a phenomenal story.

  25. Kindle Customer

    Great book I can relate to everything wrote don’t stop writing keep it up our young mean need to hear these things. This book brought a lot of thing together me. Thanks

  26. rekesiah cleveland

    I loved this series so much. I would have to say it’s been the best story I’ve read this year! I’m looking forward to reading more of your work.

  27. Kindle Customer

    I read one and two. Great read. Could have been longer through. But overall it was a good book for the most part

  28. Celeste

    Amazing part 2..enjoyed it just as much as the first one..

  29. Sidia B

    I was on the edge of my seat the entire time reading this book. It’s unfortunate what happened to his Dad in the end, but a valuable lesson was learned through it all. Well done.

  30. Linette Hernandez

    I didn’t expect to see a part two but I’m glad I did. I’m going through stuff now and I feel like I had lost my own way. I have three kids 16, 9 and 3 months. We have lost it all behind my child’s father to the point he has somewhere to lay his head but the kids and I are on our way to the family homeless shelter. I haven’t even asked God for help instead I just cried and stressed. Reading this book has helped me to realize my mistake. In order to do right by my children I need to ask god for forgiveness and help. I need to live right for my family to be right. Thank you for sharing your story.

  31. Mz. Undastood870

    Loved both books, wonderfully written. Some typos but overall very satisfied customer here, I’d love to read a part three!

  32. Amazon Customer

    I loved this book I love how God and forgiveness were common themes and just how the story played out overall I definitely recommend

  33. EricaF

    The book was awesome!!

  34. Christine Schall

    Just had to say that Author David Weaver out did himself again. I havevto say not only did the first book touched my heart but the second book touched my heart even more. You are a out standing writer and a special person inside and out. The book was a real page turner and if you havent read part 1 or 2 please do it is worth the money andvyou wont be sorry. Please continue writing and God Bless You.

    7 people found this helpful
  35. Jennifer

    This book was amazing and a great follow up from Broken crayons still color. I enjoyed both of these books but this one really helped me take a step back and take a good look at my own flaws and change a few things.

  36. S. Smith

    I really enjoyed this book. The loved that was shared was electrifying. I would recommend this book to anyone. Forgiveness is key!

    One person found this helpful
  37. Denita King


  38. S Green

    I loved the first book to this sequel better. OG was very disappointing. How could he be so wise in prison and so stupid in freedom? The Author should have expanded more on OG and Banny’s issues when OG went back to prison. He also should have expanded more on Ashlon’s pregnancy. The Author was all over the pace with so many loose ends and unanswered questions.

    One person found this helpful
  39. Shorty

    I like the show of faith in this book along with how easy it is to be sucked into the sins of the world if you’re not careful. I wish it was a little longer to see what became of the couple after they reconciled and if his daddy was able to give his life to Christ.

  40. Kisha Bawssette Collins

    Wow…. This book really opened some doors in my life that I had boarded up. I want to take the time to thank you, David for your faithfulness. We all have obstacles in our life that we need to overcome. I went to church today praying for you, my family, and other authors. God is in the healing business and it is a process. Continue to trust God to see you through. I received my breakthrough today because of Broken Crayons Still Color. Love you David and I will continue to pray for you.

  41. C. Evans

    I don’t know where to start but I will say this, this is the first time I have wrote a review on any book I’ve read. I read the first book as well but it was something about this one that touched me and made me write. I felt so many emotions with this book but I seen myself in Devin as well. I get so mad sometimes I think of ways to do underhanded stuff, sometimes I do sometimes I don’t but I’m thinking about it. I take care of everyone else but nobody helps me. At this moment I’m going through one of the toughest battles in my life and all I have is anger, why me when I have been good to people. This book has shown to me that even with goodness that’s guided maliciously the outcome will not be good. I don’t know where my life is going or how it will end up I hope things get better as the days progress for me but I want to thank you Mr. David Weaver, Thank you because I realized reading this book that sometimes the weirdest of things happen I have no idea who you are but through you reading and I have no face or name amongst the thousands of people who read your material but I received a message from you that it has taken me years to understand. God really does work in mysterious ways. Thank you with all of me I can use to thank you. I look forward to reading more material.

  42. Priscilla Ellington

    David, you clearly outdone yourself with Broken Crayons Still Color (1&2). Thank you for sharing a piece of your life with us your readers. I don’t think you realize how many lives you have changed just simply by them picking up your book and turning those pages of your life. Keep pushing forward, the readers may leave you but God never will. As an African American you have opened our eyes to the reality of depression. It’s real! Thank you for stepping out on faith and not just throwing words into this, you put your heart and soul into this book. Blessings to you!

  43. Angel Phillips

    I Loved this book from the beginning to the ending, the transparency of both books was very refreshing! I’ll definitely be looking forward to reading more from this AUTHOR

  44. Celeste

    Amazing part 2..enjoyed it just as much as the first one..

  45. CJ

    This book carried on from the first book flawlessly. There were some life lessons mixed in from start to finish

  46. LaTonya Thomas

    Wonderful Read thanks for these stories you’ve shared I look forward to reading more books from you thanks ❤ again

  47. Janae D.

    Loved this book. Second book I have read and it’s one of my favs. David you did an amazing job writing this book. I hope I can meet you one day. Good kick on everything & god bless 😘

  48. Kindle Customer

    This book was everything…… I love the both and Uuugh it’s a lot of reality in this book for people of everyday. Keep God first and we will never go wrong. Lol I hated it ended!!!! U did that. Thank God for it talent

  49. TONIA

    Wow Wow Wow! This book was EVERYTHING! Could not put it down. And being someone who visits Vegas yearly, I know exactly about the gambling experience. Can’t wait to read book 3. Already downloaded!!!

  50. Amazon Customer

    This was so good and feel right in sync with the first part. This book had a lot of good Life lessons. I enjoy reading your craft because you keep it 100 and you aren’t afraid to be an open book yourself. May the Lord continue to bless you and your craft as you continue to live Life to the fullest.

    One person found this helpful

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