Broken Crayons Still Color 2

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When you squeeze a water balloon, as long as you don’t make it burst, the water simply goes to a different part of the balloon. Addictive personalities are similar. If a person breaks an addiction, they then have to find something else to transfer their energy toward.

With Ashlon’s help, Devin has made major strides to change his life in order to be a better man. He gives up alcohol and drug addiction but is now facing the toughest battles he’s ever had to face: forgiveness and gambling. Coming from the streets, he only understood that penalties existed for those who offended him. But you can’t walk with God and carry the work of the devil, and how can you ask for forgiveness from God when you yourself can’t forgive those that have hurt you?

Some people saw gambling as a harmless venture. They saw a gambler win big or lose big but never saw the psychological side effects to winning and losing money at such a rapid pace. Devin gets the wake-up call of a life time, forcing him to embark on a dramatic journey toward finding and getting to know God on a level that he’d never known him before.

A deep, emotional love story that is sure to make you feel every single emotion that exists and the sequel to the best-selling love story, Broken Crayons Still Color is a passionate drama that wins over listeners one word at a time. One of the most important stories of the year with over 1,000 Amazon customer reviews in 5 months, this is a must-listen for fans of powerful award-winning stories, as well as members of Oprah’s Book Club.

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526 reviews for Broken Crayons Still Color 2

  1. Marie Pollard

    So many of us forget about God and we need God every second of our life. Thank you for writing this book.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I love this book like the first book. The author really out did his self with both of his books

  3. ButtaphlyGeisha

    This book is amazing!!!! It takes you on a journey with the main character with the different challenges in life. It definitely keeps you on your toes to see what happens next. Broken Crayons Still Color 1&2 will have you on the edge of your seat wanting more!!!!

  4. Michelle

    Captivating book. I definitely have a new outlook on life and learned a lot in this book. Take time to read part 1 and 2.

  5. Slimkaddie

    This was one of the best books I’ve read. Keep excelling & being blessed, I’m looking forward to more good books.

  6. Uniquely Me

    I absolutely loved this book. It didn’t end like I expected it to but it was still on point. David what happened to OG?

  7. Amazon Customer

    Once again, it was a great read! So many gems in this book. It really illustrates how you cannot play with God. Don’t come to him to change something for you, but you don’t plan on changing your behavior. I’m glad that the author has found his happy place and I can’t wait to get to mind! Thanks again for writing another awesome book!

    4 people found this helpful
  8. joy123

    I love the first book and I fall on love with the second book. I learned from both books. Keep writing great stories.

  9. L. Belton

    This book keeps you on edge as much if not more than Broken Crayons ! Can’t wait for part three

  10. Amazon Customer

    Story was very good loved both books. would have given it 5 stars but there was way too many grammar mistakes.

  11. Justalittlelynn

    Reading Broken Crayons Still Color 2 was thought provoking and healing. A great reminder that no matter what negative you find placed at your door God is still inside you. I found myself praying and having to pause my reading because the words were heavy. I absolutely loved this book. The streets are easy to get into and hard to get out off but God! This is a must read!! Prayers to you DW. Thank you for sharing your journey

  12. Amazon Customer

    I loved this book. The story is so realistic and I can relate to a lot of the characters and their feelings and their life in general. I love the fact that they were some praying people in this book. The only downside I’d say is maybe the editor needs to do a better job. There were lots of small grammatical errors. Other than that, great story.

  13. Britt Lewis

    This book had me in real life tears. Book one and two was both amazing. I’m up way past my bedtime because I couldn’t stop reading so I went ahead and finished it all in one sitting. You did it again. I went through so many emotions reading this book. I will definitely recommend this book to others. Highly recommend. I didn’t know you was from Buena Vista. Not to far from me.

  14. Talita M Holloway

    WOW! What a great book! So many real and raw emotions! God and love can conquer any demon or addiction! I could not put this book down. Keep up the great work, David Weaver!

  15. Cenica Edwards

    I knew that I was in for a real treat after reading the first book…..But WOWWW!!! This was everything I guessed it would be, and then some.The Sequel to one of the best reads I’ve ever taken a part in reading.I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for an intriguing and powerful read.You’ll be glad you’ve read every word.

    3 people found this helpful
  16. Reading is Gr8

    This series sure shows the ups and downs of life. This was a great read. I couldn’t stop reading it. We all can relate.

  17. E. Cobbs

    I was !looking for the excitement of book one but didn’t quite get it. Book started off slow would pick up than go back to being slow.

  18. Jasmine Harris

    I love the love that Devin and Ashlon had for each other. The loving, the trusting and each other’s backs. I got a bit nervous when her ex kind of stepped back into the picture. At first I was feeling some type of way because I felt like he was gonna try and get her money once he found out about her being on the Forbes list and all. I was screaming at the book saying Ashlon you’re way too smart to fall for that and when they started FaceTiming and she was all giggly and what not I was saying Ashlon……NOOOOO………and when Devin caught her I was wondering how he was gonna handle it. He didn’t do the best but hey that’s life. OMG……Black Barbee and OG Terrance. I was too outdone when he let her talk him into doing drugs. I’ll tell you, some men will do just about anything to be with a woman. I was really disappointed and screaming at him as well. NOOOOOO…..OG……….NOOOOOOO…..and then he hit it. I couldn’t believe the way she set him up but such is life. I wanted to hurt that lil girl. LolI was expecting to hear more of what happened to him once he went back to jail and also to see if he and Banny would connect. That gambling monkey is a BEAST. Poor Devin fell for it. I was pleased that he re-connected with his Aunt and Uncle. People will get it together for someone that they really love and he did just that. Ashlon was more important than drugs and gambling. I was so proud of him, but when his Uncle woke him from his sleep screaming, I felt his pain. OMG….I felt his pain, I was actually in tears reading that part. After his run, to return to his families trailer and to find Ashlon there was priceless. I really loved this book.David I was so glad to read that you were doing better, please keep up the great work and the writing. I normally leave a very short review on any book but after reading about how they help you get through some thing called life, I decided to write a long one. I’m so proud of you. Getting ready to get some more of your books.

    5 people found this helpful
  19. Nessa

    Both books were good reads, would recommend. Gave an outlook on what drugs and alcohol can do to a person, their family and people around them.

  20. BLWwife

    This book was so good. Read to the very end. Yes, Broken Crayons Still Color. I needed to read this book.

  21. C. Lewis

    I read the first one and it was awesome. Great follow up with this one. Is there going to be a part 3? Hope so

  22. Christine Schall

    Just had to say that Author David Weaver out did himself again. I havevto say not only did the first book touched my heart but the second book touched my heart even more. You are a out standing writer and a special person inside and out. The book was a real page turner and if you havent read part 1 or 2 please do it is worth the money andvyou wont be sorry. Please continue writing and God Bless You.

    7 people found this helpful
  23. Carleen reinhart

    Great book

  24. Tiffany Lewis

    This was a great read! It’s funny how god uses things like reading to get you to see things from a different perspective. You’ll never know how or who god will use to get you to do what is needed for you to see his greatness!!

  25. Danielle S .

    Literally a great eye opener part 1 was amazing but 2 EVEN BETTER definitely recommending this book to everyone in need of a great message

  26. V V

    I really enjoyed this book and I liked the fact that it deals with drug abuse, gambling and dealing with your demons. I can relate to most of the things in the book. I hope Devin and his wife get it together, I wanna see what the future has in store for them. Ole girl was wrong for doing his father like that and I wanna know what’s gonna happen with him. I hope there’s a part there coming. I really enjoyed the book.

  27. June Allen

    Thank you for sharing your story. This was very inspiring. We all go through something and your story gives hope to the hopeless. Continued prayers for you and again thank you so much!

  28. Eloise

    I absolutely loved every part to this book both parts I always seemed to cry towards the middle near ending of both parts I cant say I relate but I did have alot of problems of my own growing up especially in my teenage years this book is definitely an inspiring book loved it and would definitely reccomend it.

  29. smithhillsman36

    Book was good it held my attention. I couldn’t put the phone down. Hope to see a part three. Consider it

  30. Amazon Customer

    I loved part 1 and part 2 was just as great & very inspirational. Thank you Mr. Weaver for writing such a wonderful book!

  31. Mal0916

    Love love love


    Oh GOD! I absolutely loved Part 1 and 2. GOD has a way of getting our attention. Keep praying and let GOD lead you in the way HE would have you to go.

  33. Danyell pride

    I just love this book. I couldn’t put it down. You are so talented. You will help a lot of people who are going through things in their lives.

  34. Jrodlm

    Broken Crayons Still Color Part 1 caught my attention, but Part 2 pulls you in a way I haven’t seen often. Lots of gems and life lessons baked in, powerful characters, the human experience in all of its flavors. Thoroughly enjoyed the read.

  35. Kendra

    Thank you so much for sharing this book with us. It’s amazing because sometimes you have to lose everything to see what is meant for you. I can’t believe his dad came out of prison and started slipping so badly. I for sure thought that he was going pull through and ride it out with his son. But like he said you have a jail mentality when you have been in prison for so long. I am glad that Devin went back to her man and how they kept GOD first in everything.

  36. Coollisb

    great read…had me going through diff emotions throughout the book. I wld like to thank David for sharing this story as many go through similar struggles & this was very relatable. You hv a testimony tht will help many people, and this has helped me reflect on self as well, and helped me to give my son sound advice through his struggles of being a young black man in this society tht has issues frm not hvn an active father. GREAT BOOK per usual! Thanks David.

  37. Author MzO

    The best stories are the ones when you can feel everything. The pain, suffering, anguish followed by the joy of getting your prayers answered by God. This author did all of that and more. I pray that his prayers are answered as well. Continued blessings

  38. Kindle Customer

    I loved this story. I shed so many tears reading this. The message was so strong to me. A must read

  39. Kindle Customer

    The feeling of being flawed but loved by God is here. Admitting vices, choices and hurts…transparency and testimony wrapped together. This story resonates like a melancholy song filled with bass, treble, vibrato and the swelling chords of raw emotion. I pray that God continues to reveal Himself to you, being a Comforter, Healer, Provider and a Fence! I will continue to read your books for pleasure and for the peeks that you provide into the window of a man’s mind. God bless you. Keep writing!!

  40. Gregory Adu

    I really enjoyed this book and would recommend readers to put a seatbelt on before reading. This book is the follow up to the first novel and it takes us back into the life of Devin “Q Money” Mac, the infamous rap superstar now turned family man. With a beautiful wife, kids, and his father back in his life, Devin seems to be living the life he never thought he’d have. Just when it seems that Devin has settled into his new life, new demons appear and old habits start to reform. This time around Devin will face challenges that threaten his entire existence and he will have to make a great sacrifice to make it through his trials. Great story from beginning to end. Only thing distracting is the grammar errors throughout the book, other than that it’s definitely worth the read.

  41. Whitney Denton

    This book was everything I knew it was going to be. Things got very real towards the end. When Devin found himself on that back road and ran into that group of ppl…I felt that deep within my spirit!! I had to look away from reading a few times to keep it together. God is real and speaks to you if you’ll just take the time to be still, seek Him, and listen!! You’ve done an amazing job David, I would love to meet you one day. I’m too from Georgia, Warner Robins to be exact. I’ll be reading more of your books. May God continue to bless you!!

  42. Sharonda Champion

    It was amazing and heart felt. Its like I could feel everything in this book like I was there. Loved it

  43. LeonaThompson


  44. Tonya E.

    The first book was great but he second book seemed rushed and wasn’t as good.. It was an OK read

    One person found this helpful
  45. satisfied reader

    I enjoyed the book.However, I was shocked by the ending. I wanted to see how it ended with Ashlon and Devin

  46. Amazon Customer

    This book was both awesome n inspirational.

  47. Kay

    Once again you opened up my eyes and my heart while also taking me on a great journey through this story! Your authors notes are quite moving as well and i know god will work in your life just like he did in devins and he’s doing in mine with the help of your books!

  48. Cenica Edwards

    I knew that I was in for a real treat after reading the first book…..But WOWWW!!! This was everything I guessed it would be, and then some.The Sequel to one of the best reads I’ve ever taken a part in reading.I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for an intriguing and powerful read.You’ll be glad you’ve read every word.

    3 people found this helpful
  49. B. Jackson

    Broken Crayons 2 picked up right where the last book left off as the trials for Devin became a threat to his family and marriage. The story line was intriguing to follow. The love story remained the special part of this book because through the darkest parts of the story love was still what held all the lives together, but in some ways tore Devin’s Father and Black Barbee’s life apart. Being honest about your struggles of drug addiction and asking for encouragement to fight off daily demons is not easy, and this read shined a light on this. Again a lesson found in the pages. I look forward to reading more from this author.EyeCU Approved

  50. RonRon

    Thank you for being such a talented writer. You made me cry and think hard. Your words were so on point on how life is or could be.

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